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New York Jets Tweets of the Week

After flying to Cincinnati with high hopes of declawing the Bengals, the Jets instead stayed grounded in a 49-9 loss. Between then and now, the NBA season has commenced, the MLB season has concluded, and millions of kids across the country have had their sugar highs from their Halloween candy. Set to face QB Drew Brees and the 6-1 Saints in front of the home MetLife Stadium crowd on Sunday, the Green & White will try to avoid any tricks by New Orleans defensive coordinator Rob Ryan and give their fans a treat heading into the bye.

Here are this week's New York Jets tweets of the week:

Forgot my headphones for this trip to cinci  #rookiemove — Oday Aboushi (@Oday_Aboushi75) October 26, 2013

I would like to thank everybody for voting for me...I smile every time I get on twitter thank y'all... — Ellis Lankster (@EllisLankster21) October 27, 2013

Stay with us #JetsNation! Ups and downs come and go, but its how you respond to the "downs" that builds true character! #WeWillSucceed #Jets — Austin Howard (@AustinHoward68) October 28, 2013

#communityservice GOD gave u two to give and one to receive..blessings!! — Michael Campbell (@mikecam84) October 29, 2013

In case you missed it last night... Check out my analysis on @ESPNMondayNight #MNF — ANTONIO CROMARTIE (@CRO31) October 29, 2013

Right idea, wrong holiday, but we still love Folk's costume. — New York Jets (@nyjets) October 31, 2013

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