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Lori & Co. Show Us Their Tailgate Green


If you've attended a Jets home game over the past three seasons, you might have seen Lori Scheps on one of the videoboards.

"I sit in Section 133 and always have a poster with me," she said. "Every game you can usually see me on the screen at some point. I take J-E-T-S and make a phrase with the letters."

Scheps, who just completed her third season as a Jets season ticket holder, was named the club's top tailgater for the month of November. She ordinarily gets to the Meadowlands a couple of hours before kickoff and then makes two stops.

"I have two different routines. The first routine, I go over to my friends. They tailgate in 13-B and they have a huge tailgate party there with a heated tent and five grills," she said. "My friends Lenny and Mike pretty much run the show over there and I call Lenny 'the grillmaster.' "

The grillmaster has a different menu each game.

"Every week Lenny cooks based on who the Jets are playing," she said. "When they play Buffalo, he'll make Buffalo burgers."

After some good food and fun discourse with friends, Scheps returns to her roots and visits dad.

"My father's tailgate is over in 18-B. Over there, we have hot dogs, hamburgers, fajitas, quesadillas, meatball subs, meatball parm subs and all different sorts of things."

When she's not cheering her team on, Scheps is a third-grade teacher in Clifton, N.J. Her students are aware of her passion for the Jets and know how to earn brownie points.

"One of my girls really likes the Giants, so we always talk about the Jets and the Giants," she said. "The kids know that I'm a big Jets fan, so for the holidays they got me these little Jets teddy bears. They like to talk sports with me."

Throughout the season, Scheps participated in the Jets' "Show Us Your Green" fan photo contest. She is pictured in photo No. 1 above on the right hand side with 13-B compadres, wearing sunglasses and a jersey.

"Every month, I sent in different tailgating photos," she said. "That was a great group shot we all took together, so I sent that one in and that was chosen as the winner. We were all really excited."

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