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KIMBERLY: Shopping for Some Web Sites?

Happy Holidays, Jets fans.

As woman on the go, I often find it hard to make time to shop. While I do live on the island of endless shopping opportunities better known as Manhattan, I constantly find myself without time to enjoy one of my favorite pastime sports, SHOPPING. Yes, my name is Kimberly, I am a shopaholic, and moving from Nashville, TN, to New York City has not helped with ending my addiction.

As a modern New York woman, I wear many hats. Balancing my career in journalism and as a Flight Crew Cheerleader, working towards my masters in journalism, spending time with friends and family and squeezing in sleep, I am left with little free time. These days, I have mastered the art of online shopping, and with the holiday approaching, I am here to share some of my favorite sites.

Kimberly's Top Five Sites

1. GILT Groupe — If I ever go M.I.A. during my lunch hour at work, you can find me in a coffee shop perusing through all of the goodies on this site. Once you become a member you will receive a daily alert via email notifying you about that day's sample sales. The site offers deals up to 60% off on merchandise in clothing, home decor, delicatessen food, travel and activities.

It doesn't stop there. Ladies beware that Gilt Groupe recently joined forces with GOGO In-flight to allow flyers the luxury of shopping online mid-flight. Sales will be offered on Delta, United, Virgin America, Alaska Airlines and US Airways planes that offer WiFi. Whether you are shopping by land, air, or sea you will be hooked on this site!

2. — is amazing! It offers access to designers and stores, and you can shortlist the items you are searching. It is like having a virtual personal shopper at your fingertips. The main thing I love about is that you can build your own looks in a stylebook and view other stylebooks for inspiration.

One feature I find helpful is the sale alerts. You can set alerts on items you are watching and as the product goes on sale you will be notified. Also, beauty and cosmetic products are offered on the site. Shopstyle is great when you only have a few minutes to find what you need.

3. — Shopbop has the latest fashions, designer handbags and accessories. A great feature on the website is the "shop your style" option, allowing you to zero in and shop your look specifically. I personally love the fashion blogs and expert advice they offer on the site. is tailored to meet everyone woman's fashion need.

4. — This site is such a hidden treasure because they offer so many different looks at affordable prices. I personally love the beautiful shift dresses from this site. They are iconic and have a range of beautiful colors and styles. Asos is a UK-based online store. For your convenience you can change the currency on the site before you start shopping.

5. — I really appreciate this site for how simple they make it to find what you need and the creativity behind it. You can personalize your beauty selection and customize your skin care and makeup needs. Also, they offer beauty tutorials, video blogs, and the option to chat with an expert. It is an all-around one-stop shop. Enjoy!

I hope everyone finds the sites I suggested helpful with completing your holiday shopping this season. Remember, the holidays are about time spent with friends and family and celebrating the gifts in your life, not under the tree. There is truly no greater gift than sharing our blessings with others. I challenge everyone this holiday to give back those less fortunate. Please visit for more information on the NYC 23rd annual NYCares Coat Drive, The Winter Wish Program, and Toys for Tots.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays Jets fans!


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