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High School Coach of the Week Program

The Jets have participated in the High School Coach of the Week program since 1996. Locally, the Jets' award is given weekly during the season to a coach in the tri-state area who serves the best interests of the game through the teaching of sound football fundamentals, the motivation of young players to achieve, and the promotion of youth football by way of dedication to his community, his school and his student-athletes. High school football reporter Mike Quick of the television show High School Weekly and the New York Jets' Community Relations Department select the winner. Each winner is recognized on Tuesday nights as well as being awarded $1,000 for his high school's football program from NFL Charities. At the end of the high school football season, a Coach of the Year is selected and is awarded $2,000 for his high school's football program. A league wide initiative, the High School Coach of the Week program aids in the development of youth football. It gives high school coaches the recognition they deserve and provides high schools with financial assistance in maintaining and upgrading their football programs.

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