Generation Jets Journalist Winner

"I want to explore everything that keeps this team moving forward and how they come onto the field every day with a sense of confidence and high expectations," said fifteen year old Staten Island native Joseph DiPalo in the contest entry which won him the New York Post's 'Be a Generation Jets Journalist for a Day' Grand Prize.

DiPalo's winning essay was chosen from nearly 100 submissions. The contest, in its second year, offers kids between the ages of thirteen and seventeen the opportunity to submit an essay explaining why they want to be a Generation Jets Journalist for a day.

"I have at least a thousand questions I'd like to ask and I'd love to experience the opportunity to ask a few questions myself," DiPalo wrote in his entry. "I hope you give me the chance of a lifetime."

On August 13, DiPalo got just that. He arrived at Training Camp eager to cover the events of the day and armed with questions for his one-on-one interview with rookie Anthony Schlegel. As a member of the press corps for a day, DiPalo was invited to Coach Mangini's daily post-practice press conference and received a tour of the press room.

DiPalo's interview will be featured on Generations Jets TV and will be posted on Ten Runner Up Winners will each receive two tickets to the September 1st New York Jets v. Philadelphia Eagles preseason game.

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