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Gameday Lives On

Technology, in many ways, has destroyed the once valued tradition of attending football games. Fans now gather around their 64-inch HD-TV, alternate between the NFL Sunday Ticket and the NFL RedZone, while checking their fantasy football team and updating Twitter all at the same time.

Ticket prices, like everything else, have increased and people are unwilling to leave the comfort of their home to sit out in the cold with thousands of other strangers and drink $12 beers. You would have to be crazy to want to attend a game.


The gameday experience is completely undervalued.

Where else do you get to openly share a common love with thousands of people? Where else is it not only acceptable, but encouraged, to drink a beer at 9 o'clock in the morning? Where else is a meter pushing you to yell louder? Where else do players personally shake your hand as they're walking through the parking lot? Where else can your children stand in a giant inflatable snow globe? Where else can a grandfather, father and son carry on a tradition that has been around since the 60s?

The gameday experience isn't dead; it's only gotten bigger and better. 

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