EA Q&A: Geno Smith Has Ball 'Flying Out' Again


Bob DeMarinis North Attleboro, MA**

Q: Since Geno probably will start the season, do you think the Jets would ever cut Sanchez (even if they have to eat the contract dollars)?

EA: During Monday's news conference, Rex Ryan was asked if he can say with certainty — that when healthy — Sanchez will be an active member of the Green & White.

"There are a lot of factors that go into all those types of things," Ryan said.  "If Mark's healthy, then yes I would say he would be… a part of this football team."

Sanchez, who suffered his shoulder injury in the fourth quarter of a preseason game against the Giants, hasn't practiced.  He is listed as day-to-day, but we might have a better idea of where Sanchez is at when the Jets' first injury report comes out Wednesday.

New York's AFC representative has four quarterbacks on its active roster as Brady Quinn replaced Graham Harrell.  If Geno Smith does get the start and Sanchez is not active, the 28-year-old Quinn gives the club a veteran who has game experience under his belt.    As of Tuesday, it should be noted that Quinn was No. 4 on the depth chart.

Sanchez reportedly is set to earn close to $9 million in salary and bonus this year while Quinn's salary is guaranteed if he suits up this weekend.Jamie New Sharon, ME Q: Now that we have cut ties with Joe McKnight, is there any chance we kick the tires on Leon Washington?  Bringing in some experience in the return game would free up Jeremy Kerley to focus on receiving and avoid unnecessary risk in the return game. What are your thoughts?

EA: The Jets personnel department is going to continue to look at every possible avenue to improve the roster.

Washington, who was recently released by the New England Patriots and is now 31-years-old, is tied for the all-time NFL lead with eight kickoff return touchdowns.  He has averaged 9.9 yards on 168 punt returns throughout his career while the 24-year-old Kerley has averaged 10.9 yards on 48 returns and has 1 TD.

You like players who have multiple roles.  I don't know where Washington would fit in the offensive backfield because the Green & White have a 1-2 punch of Bilal Powell and Chris Ivory.  The Jets just claimed RB Alex Green off waivers from the Packers and rookie FB Tommy Bohanon has displayed versatility.

Mike Goodson, who violated the NFL's substance abuse policy, is scheduled to be back for Week 5 action.  Goodson is the fastest Jet and he will not only be a threat out of the backfield, but as a kick returner as well.  In a pinch, the Jets also have the super athletic Antonio Cromartie as an option.  But the speedy Clyde Gates, who averaged 33 yards a return in the preseason, will start the year as the No. 1 kick return man.

Winston DeLattiboudere Ellicott City, MD Q:Eric, so you know, we appreciate what you do regardless of some of the ridiculous comments you get from time-to-time.  What do you think the organization will do if Geno (assuming he starts) does a "satisfactory" to "good" job Week 1?  In other words if Geno makes the grade, do they even remotely consider letting Sanchez back in?

EA:Thanks for the kind words.  If Smith does start against the Buccaneers and performs well, it is not a likely scenario where he would be taken out of the lineup a few days later in Foxboro, MA.  The Jets open up against the Bucs on SUN and then they'll be out there for Week 2 action Thursday night against the Pats.  If Geno Smith starts and plays well SUN at home, it's probably his rock.  Good scenario to have.* *

Michael Fairhaven, MA

Q: How much will the Jets use Billal Powell this season?

EA: A lot.  Powell was their best all-around back this summer.  He has a knack for finding the tough yards, can make people miss in space, has good hands and is a very sound pass protector.  Don't get caught up in the starter folks.  Both Powell and Ivory are going to see plenty of action.

Anthony Nichols Cranbury, NJ

QB: Will Matt Simms be the No. 2 with Mark hurt?  Do you think he has a chance to start if Geno bombs?  He did look good all summer, better than Geno.

EA: Simms had an excellent preseason, completing 75% of his passes with 1 TDs while absorbing eight sacks along the way.  Again as of Tuesday, he is listed as No. 3 on the depth chart.

I don't think it's fair to say that he had a better summer than Smith.    The ankle injury set the rookie back a bit and I thought it was telling what he told me in the locker room this week about how he feels now that is he getting closer to 100%.

"Leading up into the injury, I was spinning the ball pretty good and then I got injured," he said in the media huddle.  "You can never really tell how much if affects you until you don't have it anymore. That drive I always had and it's something that's natural. About a couple practices ago I stepped out on the field and (was) able to drive it again and the ball is flying out of my hands again and it just felt extremely great to have that back and it also builds the confidence when you're out there throwing the ball."

Don't underestimate that statement and also offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg is a hell of a play-caller.  If Smith gets the call, Mornhinweg will take advantage of his diversified skill-set.

Keith Dalious Hellertown, PAI wrote to you not long ago and said to watch Ryan Spadola, that he would be the next Wayne Chrebet.  Just wanted to say how happy I am that he is now a member of the Jets Nation.

EA:Yes you did Keith. Spadola did his thing this summer, earning his spot by leading the Jets in receptions (13) and receiving yards (216).*   *He also made some plays in special teams — loved the way he got down there in punt coverage late in the first quarter against the Eagles.

Long way to go before we can call him the next Wayne Chrebet, but the undrafted free agent from Lehigh is off to an impressive start.

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