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Baltimore - Catapult Online hosted a breakfast to promote their offering of free tutoring on a free computer to low income families in New York City and the surrounding boroughs. The breakfast was held on September 12, 2006 at The Princeton Club of New York.

"Catapult Online is committed to working with prominent community leaders in New York to help our students achieve their dreams. Under No Child Left Behind, the federal educational reform act, over 185,000 students at under performing schools in New York City are eligible for free tutoring which is paid for by the federal government," said Mikki Cruz, Regional Manager for Catapult Online. "This is a great opportunity for families; however, many people do not know it's available. We were able to raise public awareness about this offering and the educational benefits of the Catapult Online program through this breakfast."

Gregg Levin, Executive Director of Catapult Online, added, "We are so proud to be in partnership with so many principals, community leaders, and families who are committed to the success of our students. This breakfast was just the beginning and we will continue to work with the community to increase student achievement and student confidence."

The breakfast enlightened those in attendance about the free resources available through Catapult Online for students in their schools and communities. Reverend Jacques DeGraff of Canaan Baptist Church of Harlem stressed how critical it is to utilize the resources available to students to supplement and enhance their learning. Jets tight end, #86 Chris Baker, spoke about supporting Catapult and the importance of education and how instrumental it has been in his life. And Richard A. Kahan will spoke about his mission as a leading educational innovator in creating strong new public schools in New York.

Chris Baker was the final speaker in the program. Chris Baker said "I attended public schools in Queens growing up so I understand what students are facing in this community. I wish I had a program like Catapult when I was growing up. So I'm here to encourage and support students' participation in Catapult Online because it will not only help them in school, but in life."

About Catapult Online

Catapult Online is the nation's leading provider of personalized, online, after-school tutoring. We serve economically disadvantaged and academically at-risk students through the federally funded No Child Left Behind Act. Our program is taught by state-certified teachers from the safety and convenience of each student's home, on a computer we provide free of charge. When students successfully complete our program, they earn the right to keep their computer. Our unique approach helps students overcome academic challenges, and just as importantly, places technology in the homes of low-income students throughout the country. Catapult Online has served over 10,000 low-income students nationwide to date. In addition, Catapult Online is partnering with the National Football League Players Association to communicate this message to families across America.

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