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Baxters Ease Their Twin Sons into Jets Fandom


September 2008 Show Us Your Green

Steven and Joann Baxter are raising two more Jets fans in their twins, 9-month-olds Sean and Christopher.

For this season, anyway, Joann is limiting Sean and Christopher's football experience to sporting the coolest, cutest Jets infant gear.

"I wanted to take them out opening day, but my wife thought better of that," said Steven. "I thought that would have been cool at 6 months old. Even if they just walked into the stadium and were there for kickoff, I would have thought that would have been good. But she overrode me on that."

But Joann was probably just being cautious. After all, Jets games are known to get little rowdy.

"She goes out to all the games, too," said Steven. "She's a diehard Jet fan."

The proud parents are season ticket holders in Section 305 who tailgate in Lot B6.

Steven has bled green for some time, having rooted for the team for the past 30 years.

And as for Joann?

"She's a Jet fan through marriage," said Steven.

Steven wasn't able to truly appreciate the Jets' only championship season, as he was just a toddler then, but he has been a devoted fan since 12 years old.

"I have good memories of going out to Shea Stadium when they were still playing out there," he said. "I just remember that it was always cold and it always seemed like it was raining. It was always true football weather."

As for the '08 Jets, Steven likes what he sees so far.

"I'm enjoying it. It's good," he said. "I've got a good feeling."

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