Small Talk: Robby Anderson

Posted Oct 4, 2016

Jets WR Talks Sharks, Man-Buns and Accomplishments in this Edition of Small Talk


Have the guys given you a nickname yet?

RA: Fitz and Mangold call me “Roasting Robby.” Brandon (Marshall) calls me “JIT.” It’s what people from down south call a little brother figure.


I know you’re from Florida, so are you a beach guy?

RA: I’m scared of sharks, so I don’t go too deep into the ocean. Especially, with the jelly fish and sting rays around there.



I find your hair style very interesting. Do you consider it a man-bun?

RA: They are dreadlocks that are just pulled back. Sometimes I pull it back and other times I let them down.

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 So it depends on the mood you’re in?

RA: Yeah, it depends on my vibe and whether or not I want it to be tied up or hanging down.


How would you describe your style?

RA: I’ve been into fashion ever since I was a young kid. Buying clothes and staying clean is one of my favorite things to do besides play football.

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Wait so you like a clean look? I say this because your facial hair right now is saying differently.

RA: Well, I’m about to go to the barbershop and I will get my mustache touched up. Don’t worry.


What’s one thing you want to do in your life that you haven’t done yet Robby?

RA: I just want to reach my God-given potential. Hopefully, inspire some people that come from a similar background as me. I want to accomplish all of my goals.