Small Talk: Jordan Jenkins

Posted Sep 27, 2016

Rookie Linebacker Talks Chicken Spaghetti, EDM music and Bambi in the Latest Edition of Small Talk

Is there anything I should know about you that I don’t already know?

JJ: Umm. I lost half of my pinky finger in middle school. Nobody ever realizes it though. There are people that I went to school with that never even noticed.

What happened?

JJ: I was stomping out the trash by the garage. My brother was holding the trash can the wrong way and it slipped. I fell and I reached for the garage door railing, where the wheels are on the sides, and it just took my finger clean off.

Best buddy on the team?

JJ: Toss-up between Darron and Hack.


Have you and Hack gone fishing lately?

JJ: We haven’t been fishing since training camp, but we are trying to get back to it. He’s trying to get me to go hunting with him, but I can’t kill Bambi. I love Bambi.

Lazy day activity?


I heard you like to ball out. Am I right?

JJ: Yeah, I played basketball in high school…Couldn’t dribble to save my life, but you can count on me for a dunk or a put back.

How would you describe your style?

Basic and average. I shop anywhere that fits.

What’s in your mama’s chicken spaghetti?

JJ: Rotel tomatoes. It’s chicken that’s been sitting in chicken broth and cream of mushroom soup. Then you put velvety cheese in it, add some crushed red peppers and hot sauce. It’s amazing. My family is Creole on my dad’s side, so we have a lot of Louisiana food.  

What would your last meal on this earth be? Besides mama’s chicken obviously.

JJ: Surf and turf with lobster and steak. Mashed potatoes on the side.


What do you think of the food in New Jersey?

JJ: It’s okay but it could use some better Mexican restaurants with queso. Not like chipotle or any of those chain restaurants. I’m talking hole in the wall Mexican places.

Go to Mexican dish?

JJ: Texas Fajitas – shrimp, steak and chicken. Then you have to get some queso and a margarita. I love queso.

Music preference?

JJ: A little bit of everything. Rap, EDM, country. I can’t listen to rap during pregames. I have to listen to EDM or rock. It’s Calvin Harris, Zedd or Diplo right now.