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The Official Jets Podcast

The Official Jets Podcast: A Conversation with Tom Pelissero & Dianna Russini at the Annual League Meeting (3/28)

Mar 28, 2023

Host Eric Allen checks in from the League Meeting in Arizona and is first joined by ESPN NFL Reporter Dianna Russini. They discuss the Jets' plan to acquire a veteran quarterback (0:30), what the landscape is for Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson (4:40), and where the Jets are at under Joe Douglas and Robert Saleh entering 2023 (9:45). Lastly, they talk about some of the Jets' offseason offensive additions (14:00). Then EA checks in with NFL Network Insider Tom Pelissero and they dive into the Jets-Packers parallels/differences in 2008 and '23 (17:50), what Tom is hearing at the league meetings (20:40), the Jets' approach to free agency and how the team has grown in the 2 years under Robert Saleh (22:55).