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The Official Jets Podcast: A Conversation with OC Nathaniel Hackett (5/2)

May 02, 2023

Host Eric Allen is joined by Jets offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett. They chat about why he took the OC position with the Jets (1:53), his relationship with head coach Robert Saleh (2:52), and how he is different/similar as a play-caller to his father Paul (4:50). They discuss the quarterbacks he's coached in his career (6:45), how he established his connection with Aaron Rodgers in Green Bay (9:46), and how Rodgers raises the standard of everyone in the building (11:32). Lastly, they discuss a historic week that ended with the NFL Draft (17:40), how much the veterans who have played in his system can help the process (18:45), and Hackett's relationship with instructional designer John Vieira (23:04).