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The Official Jets Podcast

The Official Jets Podcast: A Conversation with Damien Woody on the Jets' Offseason (5/24)

May 24, 2022

Host Eric Allen is joined by former Jets OL/ESPN analyst Damien Woody. They discuss the direction of the team (1:00) and Robert Saleh's changing of the culture (2:00), the Jets' standing in the AFC East (3:10) and the potential of the offensive line this season (6:50). Damien gives his take on both the next steps for QB Zach Wilson (8:30) and the improved weapons around him at wide receiver (11:55). They switch to defense and review what the Jets have done this offseason (13:50), the synergy between Saleh and GM Joe Douglas (18:18) and follow with a breakdown of the 2022-23 Jets schedule (19:25). Finally, they turn back the clock and look at why Damien chose to come to play in New York (22:05) and why he decided to stay in the area following retirement (33:05).