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A Conversation with Tom Pelissero & Dianna Russini at the Annual League Meeting (3/28)

Host Eric Allen checks in from the League Meeting in Arizona and is first joined by ESPN NFL ReporterDianna Russini. They discuss the Jets' plan to acquire a veteran quarterback (0:30), what the landscape is for Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson (4:40), and where the Jets are at under Joe Douglas and Robert Saleh entering 2023 (9:45). Lastly, they talk about some of the Jets' offseason offensive additions (14:00). Then EA checks in with NFL Network Insider Tom Pelissero and they dive into the Jets-Packers parallels/differences in 2008 and '23 (17:50), what Tom is hearing at the league meetings (20:40), the Jets' approach to free agency and how the team has grown in the 2 years under Robert Saleh (22:55).