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New York Jets | Mobile Ordering

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Skip the lines at Jets games this season by using JETS Mobile Ordering!

To access, download the Jets App presented on iOS or Android. Order and pay straight from your phone for your favorite food and beverage at MetLife Stadium. You'll be notified when your order is ready for express pickup, getting you back to your seats in no time to see all the action on Jets gameday.

There are 30 locations throughout MetLife Stadium that are dedicated to Jets Mobile Ordering pickup locations. See the full list below!

Table inside Article
Stand Number Stand Type Location
S035 Boardwalk Fryer/Burger/Franks Service Level
S043 Boardwalk Fryer/Franks/Pizza Service Level
S0104 Franks Concourse 1
S0106 Boardwalk Fryer/Burger/Pizza Concourse 1
S0108 Franks/Global Pies Concourse 1
S0118 Franks/ Nonna Fusco Concourse 1
S0121 Boardwalk Fryer/Wings Concourse 1
S0123 Franks Concourse 1
S0126 Cheese Steak Concourse 1
S0129 Franks Concourse 1
S0131 Boardwalk Fryer/Burger/Pizza Concourse 1
S0146 Boardwalk Fryer/Deli Concourse 1
S0148 Franks Concourse 1
S201 Burger/Franks/Pizza Concourse 2
S226 Burger/Franks/Pizza Concourse 2
S306 Boardwalk Fryer/Deli Concourse 3
S309 Franks Concourse 3
S313 Boardwalk Fryer/Burger Concourse 3
S322 Boardwalk Fryer/Burger/Pizza Concourse 3
S330 Boardwalk Fryer/Deli Concourse 3
S335 Franks Concourse 3
S338 Boardwalk Fryer/Burger Concourse 3
S342 Franks Concourse 3
S346 Boardwalk Fryer/Burger/Pizza Concourse 3
EC11 Diner Corona Beach Club
EC12 Grill Corona Beach Club
EC15 Boardwalk Fryer Corona Beach Club
WC36 Boardwalk Fryer West Club
WC40 Grill West Club
WC41 Diner West Club