Q&A with Jets OL Mekhi Becton: On His Mom's Cooking, Basketball and More

Jets Rookie Says His Best Dish in the Kitchen IS Salmon


Throughout the summer, the Jets' editorial staff will take a deeper dive into the personalities, interests and lives of players off the field. This series will serve as a gateway for fans to get to know the players on the Green & White. We continue with rookie T Mekhi Becton.

You've spoken in the past about your mother's catering business. What is it about her career that is so special to you?
Just everything. She's a careful mother, she always makes sure we have what we want. She puts us first before she puts herself. What more can you ask for? It's special to me because I've seen her from when she didn't have it started and now, she has it. I've seen her from ground zero and start from nothing, and now she's got her own business, so it's real special to me.

Do you plan to share your mom's cooking with your teammates?
They've already asked me about it. They already said my mom has to come cook for the O-line room and she definitely would.

What is one of your favorite dishes she makes?
She makes good mac 'n' cheese and she makes good fried chicken. There's too much to pick from honestly.

What did you accomplish as a basketball player in high school before you turned to football full time?
I was a 20-10 guy, so I usually dropped double-doubles, or I at least tried to drop double-doubles every game. I was a good glass cleaner, I really liked to get boards. I was doing the dirty work pretty much. That was my thing in basketball.

Outside of football, what do you enjoy doing?
I like cooking on my own and I like playing video games as well. I also like chillin' with my girlfriend.

What is your go-to dish to cook?
I think salmon is my best dish honestly. Salmon with sautéed spinach.

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