Joe Douglas' 2nd Trade of Draft: Sends 1 Pick to Patriots, Gets 3 Back


Jets general manager Joe Douglas executed his second trade of his first draft as an NFL GM at around 20 minutes to midnight tonight. He sent the 101st pick of the draft to New England for three picks.

The Jets acquired No. 101 in their first trade, with Seattle, receiving the Seahawks' compensatory pick at the end of Round 3. For that choice, the Jets got from the Patriots two fourth-round picks, Nos. 125 and 129, and a sixth-rounder in the 2021 draft.

Outside of the draft choice compensation the Jets sent to the Pats for Bill Parcells to take over as head coach from 1997-2000, the teams hadn't had any dealings until last year, when the Jets sent their sixth-rounder to New England for WR Demaryius Thomas. Now they have the No. 6 back in their '21 arsenal.

With the trade, Douglas demonstrated one of the golden rules of draft management: Always try to set yourself up for the next day. The Jets had four picks on day 3 but only one in Round 4, near the middle of the round at No. 120.

Now they have three selections, Nos. 120, 125 and 129, in a 10-pick span, plus their Round 5 pick and two picks in Round 6. If Douglas and the Green & White now stand pat and spend those picks, they will wind up with 10 selections at this year's selection meeting.

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