Jets Announce Nova Ukraine as Next Recipient of $100,000 for Ukrainian Relief Efforts

Part of $1,000,000 Commitment Announced in April from the Jets


The New York Jets have donated $100,000 to benefit Nova Ukraine. The donation is part of the organization's $1 million commitment, to be split between various organizations, to help aid the humanitarian efforts in Ukraine. Previous donations of $100,000 were given to Plast Scouting (April), Razom for Ukraine (May), the Ukrainian National Women's League of America (June), UNITED24 (July), CityServe (August) Slow Beskid and Children's Paths (combined for September).

Founded in 2014, Nova Ukraine is a 501(c)3 registered nonprofit organization dedicated to providing humanitarian aid to Ukraine and raising awareness about Ukraine in the United States as well as in the rest of the world.

This past week, Brick Johnson, son of New York Jets Chairman ambassador Robert Wood Johnson and Suzanne Johnson had the opportunity to have a meaningful and moving conversation with co-chairman of Nova Ukraine, Nick Bilogorskiy.

Bilogorskiy explained areas of need and what Nova Ukraine is working on. Winters in Ukraine are brutally cold. Nova Ukraine is sending charging stations, power banks, generators, fuel, blankets, and other infrastructure and basic supplies necessary to provide heat and comfort to Ukrainians during this difficult winter. Rail stations are being utilized as warming centers for those that are cold and people are provided with food and hot beverages. Secure internet (such as Starlink) and cellular access are also being provided for communication with family and co-workers.

Nova Ukraine is currently providing the necessary emergency electrical and lighting needs, medical equipment, and hospital beds for the perinatal needs of women in Ukraine, allowing for the delivery of babies in what would have been complete darkness due to Russia's bombing of power infrastructure and civilian hospitals in Ukraine.

Johnson was disturbed to learn that much-needed donations to Nova Ukraine have decreased over the past few months.

"Donations to Nova Ukraine are dwindling to only one-tenth of what they were in February and March of 2022, Brick Johnson said. "During this holiday season, and the time for giving, I would like to personally appeal to everyone to donate whatever they can to Nova Ukraine for the much-needed humanitarian aid required during this difficult time."

To donate to Nova Ukraine please visit

The events in Ukraine are personal to the Johnson family and the New York Jets. Suzanne Johnson grew up in a Ukrainian neighborhood in New York and is from a family of immigrants. Her mother, Marie, was born to Ukrainian immigrant parents while her father, Stefan Ircha, was born in Ternopil and immigrated to the United States after WWII.

This past July, Brick and the Johnson family traveled to Krakow Poland to visit orphanages and women's shelters that were caring for Ukrainian women and children refugees from Ukraine. As a young man of only 16, Brick feels particularly saddened for the children of Ukraine who are suffering from cold, lack of food, lack of heat, lack of homes, and in some cases, a loss of family.

For more information on the cause and the charitable organizations that have received the donations, please visit

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