Jets' '14 Opponents, 1st-Round Draft Position Set

Another repercussion of prevailing at Miami on Sunday was that the Jets' 8-8 was better than the Dolphins' 8-8. Therefore, based on the Jets' 3-3 division record vs. the 'Fins' 2-4, the Jets get a "second-place schedule" for 2014.

That doesn't mean what it used to before realignment in 2002. For the Green & White it means we will play the second-place team in the AFC North — Pittsburgh — at home next season while we'll take on the second-place team in the AFC South — Tennessee — on the road for the third straight season.

Other than those two games, the Jets' opponents are the same as the other three members of the AFC East. Here is a summary of our home and road games next year:

HOME (66-62)

AFC East: Buffalo (6-10), Miami (8-8), New England (12-4)

AFC West: Denver (13-3), Oakland (4-12)

AFC North: Pittsburgh (8-8)

NFC North: Chicago (8-8), Detroit (7-9)

AWAY (66-60-2)

AFC East: Buffalo (6-10), Miami (8-8), New England (12-4)

AFC West: Kansas City (11-5), San Diego (9-7)

AFC South: Tennessee (7-9)

NFC North: Green Bay (8-7-1), Minnesota (5-10-1)

For those who value such calculations, that gives us six games against playoff teams — including the AFC top seed in Peyton Manning's Broncos — and a strength of schedule of 132-122-2 for a percentage of .520.

And Then There's the First Round

As for the first round of the 2014 NFL Draft, the Jets are in a six-way tie with five other non-playoff teams picking from 14th to 19th. These ties are broken by teams' strength of schedule, lower W-L percentages picking higher than higher percentages. By our unofficial reckoning, here's where we see the six 8-8 teams selecting:

14. Chicago (119-137, .465)

15. Pittsburgh (120-136, .469)

16. Baltimore (124-132, .484)

17. Dallas (124-132, .484)

18. JETS (125-131, .488)

19. Miami (134-122, .523)

We'll let you know how the NFL untangles this sixpack as soon as the league unveils its initial first-round draft order.

Extra Points

The defense's three second-half interceptions of Ryan Tannehill coupled with our no giveaways improves our turnover margin from a season-low minus-19 after 15 weeks to a season-ending minus-14 — not much to write home about but better than it was. ... For some reason our pass rush just couldn't get to the most-sacked QB in football, Ryan Tannehill. No sacks Sunday and one four games earlier at home. It was the first game this season that we didn't score at least one sack.

Geno Smith's passer rating vs. the Dolphins on Dec. 1: 8.3. Geno's rating Sunday at Miami: 10 times better at 83.9. ... Nick Folk's 91.7% FG percentage (33-for-36) is the best in franchise history. ... P Ryan Quigley missed setting the franchise gross average mark but still had a better game (three inside-the-20 punts, 36.6 net) than one of the NFL's best punter, Brandon Fields (three touchbacks, 35.4 net).

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