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Green & White One of 13 Teams Since 2000 to Win 2 Road Games After Trailing in 4th Quarter by Double Digits


If you're a fan who travels to your team's occasional away game, there's no more visceral pleasure to be had in the other team's stadium than to be sitting in the stands with a two-score deficit in the fourth quarter and hoping against hope that your team somehow, some way, comes back,

And when it happens and your team goes ahead with seconds to play and your players bounce over to the end zone seats with their forefingers planted over their lips, it's as if the volume in the stadium gets turned down from 11 to zero in a New York minute.

The Jets and their fans know that feeling after they overcame two fourth-quarter double-digit deficits in the past three games.

"That feeling was something I have never felt before, how quiet it actually got out there," said Joe Flacco about his 66-yard pass to wide open Corey Davis that got the party started from 13 points down to the 31-30 win at Cleveland's FirstEnergy Stadium.

Then in Pittsburgh, HC Robert Saleh described what he heard after rookie QB Kenny Pickett came in the game and before Zach Wilson engineered the Jets' final TD drive to Breece Hall's TD with 16 seconds to play, capping their rebound from 10 behind to 24-20 ahead at Acrisure Stadium. (We remember it as Heinz Field.)

"The excitement and the juice that he brought took over the game," HC Robert Saleh said. "They played Renegade, which is usually the kiss of death in that stadium. But there was no flinch out there."

From an Inside the Numbers perspective, what's interesting about this start to the Jets season is that they've made the big comeback twice in their first two road games. The question: How rare is it for an NFL team to post two fourth-quarter double-digit-deficit comebacks? On the road? In the same season?

The answer: Rare enough but probably not as rare as one might think.

Starting with the 2000 season, it's happened 13 times. Most recently before the Jets, the Bears achieved two late double-digit road rebounds (with Mitch Trubisky the QB for 1½ of those games) in the first three weeks in 2020.

The kings of this distinction, though, are two teams who notched three 10-point road comebacks in a season and one more team that we all know well that turned the trick once on the road and twice at home, the second time in a little ditty known as the Monday Night Miracle. Here are the three NFL teams with three fourth-quarter double-digit comebacks in one season, regardless of road or away:

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Yr, TeamComeback #1Comeback #2Comeback #3QB
2000 JetsGm 2 vs NE, trail 12, win 20-19Gm 4 @ TB, trail 11, win 21-17Gm 8 vs MIA, trail 23, win 40-37 OTVinny Testaverde
2003 ColtsGm 5 @ TB, trail 21, win 38-35 OTGm 12 @ BUF, trail 11, win 17-14Gm 17 @ HOU, trail 14, win 20-17Peyton Manning
2011 LionsGm 3 @ MIN, trail 10, win 26-23 OTGm 4 @ DAL, trail 13, win 34-30Game 15 @ OAK, trail 13, win 28-27Matt Stafford

With another similar come-from-behind success, the Jets can join this Final-Frame Double-Digit Comeback Club. Of course we'd probably prefer if they didn't make us sweat out wins like the Browns and the Steelers. On the other hand, it's better to have "comeback-ability" and not need it than to need it and not have it.

The Lamarcus List
S Lamarcus Joyner had a career game vs. Pittsburgh, if we go by DBs' favorite stats of interceptions and pass defenses. Joyner's two picks and four PDs were both career highs, and he's the first NFL safety since 2011 to have 2+ INTs and 4+ PDs in a game. Ed Reed was the last safety with 2 INTs/4 PDs for the Ravens on opening day 2011, also against the Steelers.

As for Jets trivia, Joyner established a last-times laundry list. His Steelers game made him:

■ The first Jet with 2 INTs in a game since CB Pierre Desir, vs. Denver, 2020

■ The first Jet with 2 INTs in a road game since CB Trumaine Johnson, at Buffalo, 2018

■ The first Jets safety with 2 INTs in a game since Terrence Brooks, vs. Miami, 2017 (but one of Brooks' picks came on special teams)

■ The first Jets safety with 2 INTs in a game on defense since Jaiquawn Jarrett, vs. Pittsburgh, 2014

■ The first Jets safety with 4 PDs in a game since Erik Coleman, at Miami, 2005 (3 PDs according to play-by-play but 4 by coaches' video breakdown)

■ The first Jets safety with 2 INTs in a road game since Victor Green, at New England, 2000

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