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LISTEN | Jets Draft Countdown - Ep. 5 with Albert Breer (4/13)

MMQB's Albert Breer joins team reporters Ethan Greenberg and Eric Allen to discuss Jets and the NFL Draft. Interview with Breer (0:56): His thoughts on the Jets' free agency and the upcoming draft (1:05), what Sam Darnold is doing during quarantine (2:06), thoughts on George Fant (4:05), landscape of the AFC East without Tom Brady (6:01), thoughts on who could be on the board at No. 11 (8:05), why more OL/DL may be drafted this year than skill players (9:55), WR class (12:02), why the CB class is overlooked (13:45), expectations for Sam Darnold in 2020 (15:22) and what the NFL Draft will look like virtually (18:00).