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Are there changes to the Pre-Paid Parking Permit Program for the 2010 season?

Yes, there is a new color-coded parking plan for season ticket holders. Based on your seat location, your Pre-Paid Parking Permit will allow you to park in one of the three new color-coded parking areas. The green colored lots are for Club and Suite seat holders, yellow for all PSL seat holders and orange for all Upper Level seat holders. As in past years, you will need a Pre-Paid Parking Permit to park onsite (both on the stadium and arena side).

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In addition, driving to our new home will be faster and easier than ever in 2010"

More Spaces: Once the demolition of the old stadium is completed in August, there will be over 28,000 parking spaces on site. This is a significant increase over the past three seasons.

Better Access: The New Jersey Department of Transportation has doubled the number of stacking lanes for roadways entering and exiting the stadium, decreasing congestion points and improving throughput.

  • The parking lots have been newly engineered with both an inner and outer loop road system, creating quicker routes to the green and yellow parking lots.
  • Each parking lot has more curb cuts to allow for easier access to the main road system.

Expert Management: Central Parking System has been hired to manage the parking operation on gameday. They have extensive experience at managing sports facilities parking. They have been observing the traffic and parking operation at the Meadowlands for the past three seasons and have recommended many of these improvements

  • Following the specific driving routes to your parking areas will increase the ease of reaching the new color-coded parking lots.

Things to Know:

  • You will need a Pre-Paid Parking Permit to park at the stadium.
  • Satellite parking will no longer be available in Lyndhurst.
  • If it is more convenient, green permit holders may park in any lot, and yellow permit holders may park in yellow or orange lots.
  • Parking lot toll plazas will open 5 hours prior to kickoff.
  • Even with these new improvements, we encourage fans to carpool or take mass transit whenever possible.
  • Please be considerate of your fellow ticket holders and adhere to the one car, one space policy.