Please note, during your renewal check-out on Account Manager, you will see an opt-in for preferred Season Ticket Playoff pricing, which allows you to reserve your seats at preferred pricing and securely store your payment information. This is an option, not a requirement, as it is a “pay as we play” option for the playoffs. Your credit or debit card will not be billed unless and until the New York Jets secure any home playoff game(s).


What is preferred Season Ticket Playoff pricing?
If you opt-in for the preferred Season Ticket Playoff pricing and the New York Jets host a home Wildcard Playoff game, you will pay the same price per seat for the Wildcard Playoff game as you do for your regular season 10-game average seat price. If you do not opt-in, you will pay a higher price for the Wildcard home playoff game.

Will I be charged for Playoff tickets if I select yes?
No. You will only be charged for Playoff tickets when it is confirmed the New York Jets will have a home playoff game.

When will all Playoff pricing be available?
Playoff Pricing will be available shortly after the 2018 schedule release.

Please contact a New York Jets Representative if you have any questions.