Front Office




Woody Johnson


President Neil Glat
General Manager Mike Maccagnan
Senior Vice President, Business Affairs & General Counsel Hymie Elhai
Chief Financial Officer Brian Friedman
Senior Vice President, Communications Eric Gelfand
Senior Vice President, Corporate Partnership Ian Lasher
Senior Vice President, Marketing & Fan Engagement Seth Rabinowitz
Senior Vice President, Ticket and Premium Revenue, Strategy and Development Fred Mangione
Vice President, Premium Partnerships, Sales & Service Roberto Beltramini
Vice President, Corporate Partnerships & New Business Ventures Jeff Fernandez
Vice President, Consumer Sales & Service Larry Fitzpatrick
Vice President, Executive Producer Chris Gargano
Vice President, Human Resources & Administration Jessica Mandler
Vice President, Security & Facilities Operations Robert Mastroddi
Vice President, Information Technology Tom Murphy



Head Coach Todd Bowles
Administrative Assistant to Head Coach Jackie Lovett
Assistant Head Coach/Inside Linebackers Mike Caldwell
Special Teams Coordinator Brant Boyer
Offensive Coordinator John Morton
Defensive Coordinator Kacy Rodgers
Defensive Quality Control Tim Atkins
Quarterbacks Jeremy Bates
Defensive Assistant Robby Brown
Assistant Offensive Line David Diaz-Infante
Wide Receivers Karl Dorrell
Head Strength & Conditioning Justus Galac
Assistant Strength and Conditioning Joe Giacobbe
Assistant Defensive Line La'Roi Glover
Outside Linebackers Kevin Greene
Assistant Special Teams Jeff Hammerschmidt
Tight Ends Jimmie Johnson
Offensive Assistant/Assistant Quarterbacks Mick Lombardi
Offensive Line Steve Marshall
Assistant Defensive Backs Daylon McCutcheon
Assistant Strength & Conditioning Aaron McLaurin
Running Backs Stump Mitchell
Defensive Line Robert Nunn
Offensive Assistant Jason Vrable
Defensive Backs Dennard Wilson



Seasonal Intern, Strength & Conditioning Frank Failace



Director, Football Administration Jacqueline Davidson
Manager, Football Administration/Asst. to G.M. Mari Jo Kohler

Administrative Assistant, Player Personnel

Christina Salvemini



Director, Pro Scouting Matt Bazirgan
Director, Player Personnel Brian Heimerdinger
Area Scout Evan Ardoin
Pro Scout Andy Davis
College Scout Bill Dekraker
Pro Scout Tom Gibbons
National Scout Lee Gissendaner
College Scout Dom Green
National Scout Jim Jauch
College Scout Jay Mandolesi
Pro Scout Greg Nejmeh
College Scout Brian Shields
College Scout Johnathon Stigall
National Scout Zach Truty
Coordinator, College Scouting Dan Zbojovsky
Seasonal Intern, Pro Personnel Ray Agnew
Seasonal Intern, Scouting Drew Morris






Senior Director, Head Athletic Trainer John Mellody
Assistant Athletic Trainer Ezron Bryson
Assistant Athletic Trainer David Zuffelato
Seasonal Intern, Athletic Trainer Julia Ford
Seasonal Intern, Athletic Trainer Juan Lopez
Seasonal Intern, Athletic Trainer Rob Minlionica
Seasonal Intern, Athletic Trainer Simon Rodriguez



Senior Director, Media Relations Bruce Speight
Director, Public Relations Jared Winley
Senior Manager, Media Relations Meghan Gilmore
Manager, Media Relations Nick Filis
Seasonal Intern Danielle Bonnett
Seasonal Intern Andrew Devlin
Seasonal Intern Patrick Eichner
Seasonal Intern Ben Kessler



Director, Community Relations Jesse Linder
Assistant, Community Relations Madison Brown
Seasonal Intern, Community Relations Eli Hodges



Senior Director, Content Jessica Ciccone
Senior Reporter Eric Allen
Director, Digital Media Rael Enteen
Director, Broadcast & Multimedia Production Chad Freeman
Director, Coordinating Producer Tim Tubito
Senior Content Producer Chris Ubbens
Multimedia Producer/Editor David Vega
Coordinator, Digital Media Operations Tony Mancuso
Coordinator, Social Media Kevin Kline
Video Editor/Producer Seth Bradley
Assistant, Editor/Motion Graphic Designer Tyler Pino
Team Photographer Dan Szpakowski
Consultant Randy Lange
Consultant Al Pereira
Seasonal Intern, Multimedia Jordan Hidalgo
Seasonal Intern, Multimedia Lauren Landi
Seasonal Intern, Multimedia Jantzen Rogalski
Seasonal Intern, Social/Digital Media Dillon Coyne
Seasonal Intern, Editorial Ethan Greenberg



Senior Director, Corporate Sales Tracy Belmear
Senior Director, Corporate Partnerships Jennifer Linn
Director, Corporate Sales Andrew Agro
Director, Corporate Partnerships Kevin Leibowitz
Director, Corporate Partnerships Jennifer Miceli
Director, Sales Communication Melissa Montuori
Director, Corporate Partnerships Sandy Osipowitz
Director, Corporate Partnerships Dan Tonelli
Senior Manager, Corporate Sales Dan Kaufmann
Manager, Corporate Partnerships Kelli Sinclair
Coordinator, Corporate Partnerships Mary Cate Tallmadge
Assistant, Corporate Partnerships Alexa Scicchitano



Senior Manager, PSL Operations Jared Angelozzi
Senior Manager, Client Relations Nadege Pluviose
Senior Manager, Consumer Sales & Service Jason Solomon
Manager, Group Sales Brian Aiello
Manager, Group Sales Sara Alparone
Senior Account Executive, Consumer Sales & Service Roberto Luciano
Senior Account Executive, Consumer Sales & Service Christina Muller
Senior Account Executive, Group Sales Heather Garces
Senior Account Executive, Group Sales Tom Giulietti
Senior Account Executive, Group Sales Lauren Nisivoccia Krug
Coordinator, Client Relations Natasha Arena
Coordinator, Client Relations Anne Chavez
Coordinator, Client Relations Taylor Worthington
Coordinator, PSL Operations Phil Mayer
Account Executive, Consumer Sales & Service Ariel Greenberg
Account Executive, Consumer Sales & Service Richard Guralnik
Account Executive, Consumer Sales & Service Ted Mangione
Account Executive, Consumer Sales & Service Lauren Sweeney
Account Executive, Group Sales Shane Brennan
Account Executive, Group Sales Heather Garces
Account Executive, Group Sales Drew Evangelista
Account Executive, Group Sales Zach Gilbert
Account Executive, Group Sales Samantha Santucci
Account Executive, Group Sales Kailyn Touhey
Assistant, Client Relations Alex Fuccillo
Assistant, Client Relations Dominique Mandelberg
Assistant, Client Relations Marissa Sparno
Assistant, PSL Operations Keith Bahnsen
Assistant, PSL Operations Bill Bonney



Director, Equipment Gus Granneman
Manager, Equipment Vito Contento
Manager, Equipment Jim Gallione
Assistant, Equipment Andrew Johnson
Seasonal Intern Armando Taddei



Senior Director, Fan Engagement & Game Operations Brian Mulligan
Director, Flight Crew Denise Garvey
Manager, Fan Engagement & Game Operations Jack Holmgren
Assistant, Fan Engagement Ashley Kirby
Assistant, Fan Engagement & Game Operations Thomas Mongelli



Director, Facility Operations Michael Lebet
Manager, Office & Mail Services Robert Fanelli
Facility Technician Harvey Flatt
Facility Technician James Hadzimichalis
Facility Technician Thomas Loosse
Facility Technician Eugene Martel



Senior Director, Fan Commerce Chris Pierce



Senior Director, Finance Elaine Chen
Director, Strategy Rosina Lanson
Director, Finance John MacCarter
Senior Manager, CRM and Database Marketing Joseph Caggiano
Senior Manager, Accounting Edward Feeley
Senior Manager, Loyalty & Rewards Mike Zonkowski
Analyst, Finance Jason Mulholland
Senior Financial Analyst Amanda Roman
Coordinator, CRM Tom Griffin
Administrator, Accounts Payable Theresa Hunziker
Staff Accountant Justin Schain
Consultant Christine Patterson



Director, Fields & Grounds Blake Hoerr
Manager, Fields & Grounds Matthew Henn
Assistant, Field & Grounds Edward Harbaugh
Summer Intern Seth DeFouw



Senior Manager, Payroll & Benefits Kachana Wilder
Assistant, Human Resources Sarah Blanos
Executive Assistant to the President Jocelyn Gaskins
Executive Assistant, Business Operation Lauren Reed
Receptionist Michelle Clifford



Senior Director, Network Services Steve Piazza
Director, Application Development Paul Marsh
Lead Application Developer Matt Capogrosso
Senior Manager, Network Services Donald Schnaars
Junior Application Developer Chris Miller
IT Support Specialist Jazmin Severino
IT Support Specialist Michael Susin



Director, Marketing Kristin Connelly
Manager, Marketing Thomas Cerny
Manager, Graphic Design & Team Photographer Jose Rey
Graphic Designer Michael Baron



Orthopedic Surgeon, Head Team Physician Dr. Ken Montgomery
Director of Internal Medicine Dr. Damion Martins
Dentist John Carollo
Ophthalmologist David Chu
Ophthalmologist Peter Hersh
Team Orthopedist Dr. Elliott Hershman
Chiropractor Jason Levy
Associate Team Internist Dr. Dean Padavan
Team Orthopedist Dr. Andrew A. Willis



Director, Player Development David Szott
Manager, Player Development Montelle Sanders



Director, Premium Partnerships Service & Retention Megan Rice
Director, Premium Partnerships Mitch Hall
Senior Manager, Suite Service Katherine Daugherty
Senior Manager, Premium Partnerships Ryan Powers
Senior Manager, Premium Partnerships Tim Reinhart
Senior Manager, Premium Partnerships Brad Rittle
Senior Manager, Premium Partnerships Joe Siegel
Manager, Premium Partnerships Tony Bulak
Manager, Premium Partnerships Alex Driggers
Manager, Premium Partnerships John Ehrline
Manager, Premium Partnerships Ryan Henderson
Assistant, Suite Service Joe Siniscalchi
Seasonal Intern Matt Cohen



Manager, Security Thomas D’Ambola
Security Anthony Aviles
Security Tracy Bennett
Security Bill Carroll
Security Edward Cocozza
Security Dominick DiAndrea
Security Supervisor Tom McCauley
Security Danny McNamara
Security Supervisor Mike Neary
Security Buddy Nocerino
Security Craig Perrelli
Security Joe Pizzi
Security Kirwan Young



Senior Director, Team Operations Clay Hampton
Senior Manager, Team Operations Aaron Degerness
Manager, Team Operations Rich Bedell
Seasonal Intern, Team Operations Sam Canter
Seasonal Intern, Team Operations Brian Clay
Seasonal Intern, Team Operations Brian Emmons
Seasonal Intern Michael Bachman



Senior Director, Ticket Operations Jeff Hecker
Director, Ticket Operations Michele Spadavecchia



Director, Video Ryan O’Heir
Manager, Video Ryan Darcey
Assistant, Video Jim Montalbano
Assistant, Video Evan Rugel