A 'Glimpse' of the Geno-Brandon Chemistry

Posted Aug 10, 2015

QB & WR Eager to Continue Bonding After Teaming Up for 2 TD Passes at Green & White Practice

Today the Jets return to the Atlantic Health Training Center for several days of practice leading up to Thursday night's preseason opener at Detroit. And for the offense, that means that head coach Todd Bowles and coordinator Chan Gailey will continue tinkering with the chemicals in search of a winning formula.

This after chemistry class for Geno Smith and Brandon Marshall resulted in an explosive reaction in the second half of Saturday night's Green & White practice at MetLife Stadium.

"I think this was a glimpse of it," Smith after he hooked up with the productive Marshall for 35- and 1-yard touchdown passes in the second half of the practice at MetLife Stadium. "His physical nature in the end zone, it’s kind of hard to guard that guy one-on-one. He can maybe draw some double-teams that can open up some things in the run game for us or even open up some things for other guys. We have to see. We have to keep working. Expectations are definitely high around here."

"I think Geno is doing a great job of developing chemistry with everybody on the offense. We need that," said Marshall in riffing off the theme of the evening. "As long as we can get better every single day, I think we’ll have a chance."

Ryan Fitzpatrick didn't have as much benefit from that big 6'4", 229-pound target and those sure-handed grabs Saturday as he had during the previous week, but he's noticed the input from Marshall as well.

"Brandon's experience jumps out in terms of the amount of football he's played, his football smarts, and really, his maturity," Fitzpatrick said. "The way he goes about his business every day, taking care of his body, the communication with the quarterbacks and everybody else, he does a great job with that. Aside from all the physical attributes that he's always had, I think he's really matured as a person and a player."

Bowles likes the chemical attraction but says it's not confined to just Nos. 7 and 15.

"It's still developing, and [Brandon]'s not the only guy," the coach said. "Eric [Decker] made some great catches over there as well, so the chemistry is still developing. It's not polished yet. He has to develop chemistry with all those guys, but he connected with him a couple of times tonight, so it was good to see."

Overall, Bowles was fairly happy with his quarterbacks, with at least one caveat for Geno.

"The defense started fast and they ended slow," he said. "The offense started slow and they ended fast. Geno did some good things at the end. When guys weren't open early, he has to get rid of the ball, he has to learn to tuck the ball. He showed progress throughout the day, as did Bryce [Petty], as did Ryan."

After a day away from the AHJTC on Sunday, the Jets are back in harness today, and Smith and Marshall say they have work to do.

"I just have to do a better job of running better routes," Marshall said. "It’s the dog days of camp and I have to make sure I’m at the right place for Geno so I can make it easier on him."

"It's a long process we have to go through," Smith added. "I keep talking about the process because it’s true. We have to continue to stay steadfast in our work and not get sidetracked by anything else."


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