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Training Camp Coordinators' Corner

Posted Aug 13, 2014

Dennis Thurman & Marty Mornhinweg Talk with Reporters After Rainy Tuesday Practice

It was an unusual setting for this week's Coordinators' Corner. The team practiced in sometimes heavy rain and sometimes gusty winds on the Cortland Stadium turf on Tuesday. Then after practice, all interviews were done under the stands.

First Dennis Thurman, then Marty Mornhinweg made their way into the middle of a media huddle, dodged an occasional drip of water from above, and answered questions in front of the light red brick walls. (Special teams coordinator Thomas McGaughey did not speak to reporters this week.) Here are the videos of the interviews, along with an excerpt from each.

Defensive coordinator Dennis Thurman on if he has any concerns about his banged-up cornerback position...


No, because we brought some talented guys to camp. We don't have the experience that we've had at the position in the past. For us it's a matter of just getting the guys out there, getting them some practice with the first unit, allowing them to use their physical gifts. And if they do, we'll be fine.

Offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg on some dropped passes and alignment problems for the offense in the elements today...

We’ve got to get that thing straight. Previously in the preseason game, I’m not quite as concerned about numbers and all that. I want to see certain people do certain things. But today, we’ve got to [improve], all of us. We had a little rain, a little wind, and then all of a sudden we have trouble lining up. So it was a good thing today by the way. Throwing the wet balls and catching the wet balls are a little bit of a distraction. So some of the players I’m sure got a little learning out of that as well.


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