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4 Jets Bullet Points from Pat Kirwan & Jim Miller

Posted Jul 29, 2014

SiriusXM NFL Hosts Give an Exclusive Mini-Show on What They See with This Year's Team

It's always a fun and informative day at Jets training camp when Pat Kirwan, Jim Miller and the SiriusXM NFL crew arrive at SUNY Cortland to do their afternoon-drive show. Pat has been a long-time friend and one of the most knowledgeable radio voices on NFL X's and O's and ins and outs. And Miller has become one of the satellite network's rising stars.

The two graced me and reporters TJ Brennan and Jackie Lovett with an impromptu mini-version of their show up in our fifth-floor office of the Cortland pressbox. I'll call this blog "4 Jets Bullet Points from Pat and Mills" and, other than introducing those bullet points, will stand out of the way for those who want to read the duo's exclusive give-and-take today on the Green & White:

1. Speed Up and Down the WR Depth Chart

Kirwan: Jimmy, our second stop on our camp tours is the New York Jets, and there's a couple of things that jumped out at me right away. I came here with an impression, that I was wrong about, of the receivers. You saw what I saw, I think — speed all over the place.

Miller: I was shocked that Jalen Saunders got by the defense. He's got good speed. I think [Jeremy] Kerley possesses good speed. [Stephen] Hill, I know a lot of people look at him as a one-trick pony — he's got a lot of speed, and he can go vertically. You have some depth at receiver in terms of the X. I can see [David] Nelson backing [Eric Decker] up at the X spot. And we know what we're going to get from Decker.

But here's what I like about their speed. They're going to be able to run the football so well, "Ground and Pound," that you get good looks on the outside and you've got two strong-armed quarterbacks that can probably take advantage of those good looks and speed on the outside.

2. The Quarterbacks

Kirwan: I agree with you, and without disclosing their offense, which we shouldn't do after a camp observation, they have, as you like to call them, "shot plays." They're not afraid to take the deep shots with these quarterbacks. And I'll be honest about Geno [Smith]. You were a young quarterback once. The best passing game you can give him is the shot game. It's the easiest stuff for him to do: pull the ball out of Chris Johnson's belly and chuck it down the sideline. And i like No. 15, [Saalim] Hakim as much as these other guys. He's very, very fast.

No one's playing the Jets without a safety down in the box. You're going to get first-down looks of Cover-1 Man Free or Cover-3, and those guys are all smart enough to stop those routes or just take the 10-yard gain. So I think there's going to be consistent looks where I think Geno can succeed. And if Mike Vick doesn't get a couple of packages in the middle of games, I'd be surprised. They don't need to leave him on the sideline being the backup with the baseball hat on. That guy needs to go out there and scare the defense.

Miller: Yeah, I think teams will have to prepare a lot more. I can see some trick plays, gadget plays from the Jets, because we've talked about the powerful offenses they're going to face on their schedule. So maybe the Jets have to manufacture some things, and that may be a way for them to do it, whether it's dabbling in the Wildcat stuff, trick plays, i can see a little spread option from that standpoint, too, if Vick's in the game because he runs better than Geno.

3. Rex's Pressure Defense

Kirwan: Theyre a great pressure defense, we already saw it. They have more installed in pressure looks right now than I know we saw in New England and probably way more than we'll see in Buffalo, because that's their style. The question I'll ask you, Jimmy, is can they run all these safety hot calls and blitz calls with these corners. I don't know enough about these corners yet to say. That's not Cromartie and Revis out there. And I think they may be a little more conservative early in the season until they figure out how much those kids can do.

Miller: Yeah, and I'll say this. I dont think there's that big of a dropoff when you go from Cromartie to Dimitri Patterson. but the caveat is Patterson has to stay healthy. He's more than serviceable for what theyre trying to do. Now can [Dee] Milliner take the next big step here in year two? It's going to be challenging, the receivers he's going to face, but i think with the pressure calls, they may do a little rope-a-dope but at the end of the day Rex Ryan's about pressure and those guys will be put on an island to make sure they compete.

Kirwan: Their four-man rush on third down is awesome-looking. I saw them do it two ways, and not to disclose their packages here, but they have a three-man rush that can be as effective as most teams' four-man rush, which is how you're going to help those corners. ... [Quinton] Coples is a good player. He has to become a great player. If he becomes a great player, you can hide a corner. That would be my opinion in this whole thing.

4. What's in Store for the Jets in '14

Kirwan: At this point — and we only saw the Patriots and we're heading to Buffalo next — I would think of the Jets as a contender for a wild-card spot. I was so impressed with the Patriots, and we have to talk Patriots here at Jets camp because that's their No. 1 nemesis. They were phenomenal-looking yesterday on a lot of levels. They addressed what happened to them in the championship game when they gave up 500 yards of offense. And ironically, one of them is an ex-Jet, Darrelle Revis.

Miller: My perception of this team is far different, just like Pat's. I came in here thinking "Chicken Little, the sky is falling." I dont walk away here thinking that. This team will compete. I believe that.

Lange here. If you see this post soon enough, you can still catch some of Pat and Jim's show from Jets camp on SiriusXM today and every other weekday afternoon from 3-7 p.m. ET on their training camp tour. And click here for information on Kirwan's new football e-book that will be available next month.


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