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EA Q&A: Jets Living in the Moment

Posted Nov 11, 2013

Luis Adames

Q: Is it really playoffs or bust for Rex? I think he's the guy for the job as long as Geno grows and we help that offense during the offseason and or get healthy. Thanks for your time.

EA: No.   It’s definitely not playoffs or bust for Rex Ryan.

General manager John Idzik has brought a refreshing approach to the organization as these Jets continue to live in the moment.  Fans and media members sometimes make definitive assessments way too early.  It is easy to get caught up with the highs and lows in this league — especially considering there are just 16 games, but thankfully Idzik makes decisions after a lot of study and a lot of thought.

Last week, Idzik clearly stated that Ryan is “our leader” and he has “pulled it all together” for the Jets.    People often forget that the Jets have three new coordinators and five new coaches in all, so there has been a lot of change on the staff as well as the roster.  Both Idizk and Ryan are sons of former Jets’ coaches, they both played the game and they want this team to be tough-minded and centered on competition.

The Jets have seven games remaining in the regular season and there is opportunity on the horizon.  But Rex Ryan is a fine football coach and John Idzik is well aware of that.

Kevin Thomas
Q: Do you think that now since we beat the Patriots and the Saints — two division leaders — that we will have a chance to make the playoffs?

EA: The Jets have set themselves up for a postseason run.  Those two wins will certainly give the club confidence, but now the Green & White have to string together victories and find a way to win on the road.  This team is just 1-3 away from MetLife Stadium and they were on the wrong end of smack-downs at Tennessee and at Cincinnati.  My feeling is we are going to find an awful lot about this team Sunday in Buffalo.  While the Bills are not void of talent, the Jets are better at this point and a W here would show me the club is maturing. 

Kieran Farrell
Q: With the absence of Jeremy Kerley, who do you think will be Geno’s third-down receiver?

EA: If JK is out for a few weeks, that would be a blow.  Kerley is leading the team with 28 catches and 347 yards, but the Jets have help coming their way.  Tight end Kellen Winslow, who just finished his four-game suspension, is expected to be back in the lineup this weekend.  Santonio Holmes, who is averaging 24 yards a reception and has five catches of 20 yards, has made progress with his hamstring and is expected to appear in his fifth contest Sunday.  The Jets are following concussion protocol with Jeff Cumberland and he began the week with a red jersey on at practice.  So the Jets are getting people back at the right time and hopefully Kerley will get back in the mix sooner than later.  I think the rookie QB could have plenty of third-down options.

Big Ed
Q: Will the team wear all-green or white/green this year?

EA: We will will probably end up wearing the green pants at least once in the month of December.  But it has not determined exactly which game(s) we will wear them.  I will let you know.

Joe Pucillo
Q: Why do I have to go to the opposing teams’ websites on Sundays to find out the Jets inactives?  Shouldn't this be something that the Jets website should list or is it hidden somewhere that I cannot find it? 

EA: Twitter and the JetsApp!  @nyjets, @rlangejets and @eallenjets.  In fact, @nyjets usually tweets out a photo of the actual inactives.  We do have a “Jets On Twitter” module right there on the homepage.

Penfield, NY
Q: What is going on with Stephen Hill? His production is way down and I really thought he would be a bigger part of the offense.  Is he playing with an injury?

EA: By this point in time, everybody is playing with an injury.  Dudes really lay their bodies out there on Sundays.  As a rookie, Hill hauled in 21 receptions for 252 yards with 3 TDs.  In his sophomore campaign, he is on pace for 40 receptions, 603 yards and 2 TDs.  So that would be improvement.  I really liked the start of Hill’s season and you would like to see him make more plays in the second half. 

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