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A Connection Between Rex Ryan and Jets Nation

Posted Jul 25, 2013

After two frustrating seasons leading the Jets, Rex Ryan doesn’t feel any additional heat this summer. 

“I don’t feel any more pressure,” said the Jets head coach in an exclusive 1-on-1 that will air Friday on  “I’m excited about right now, about the present.  I don’t live in the past anyway, so it’s all about right now and the present and the future.  That’s where my attention is, and that’s why I’m so excited about this and I think we’ll win.” 

But he stressed to me that the Green & White need a collective effort to turn things around.

“We’ll win as a team though,” he said.  “It’s not going to be we’re going to be carried by one side of the ball or another, or just one individual.  It’s going to take the entire group — the complete effort of everybody and I know we’ll get that.”

After making offseason memories with his son in Spain while avoiding 1500-pound bulls, the trimmed down Ryan has always had a special relationship with the Jets faithful because of his genuine approach and the way he embraces opportunity.

“I think Jets Nation — in particular — they connect with me because I’m just like them even going back to my roots as Jets fan,” he said.  “My dad was coaching this team.  (I’m) just a guy who enjoys life.  I’m fortunate to have this opportunity for what I do as a profession and to be head coach of the New York Jets — I understand it’s a great opportunity and a great responsibility.”

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