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Posted Dec 5, 2014

Listen In as Decker, Sheldon, Folk and Salas Speak to the Media During Thursday's Locker Room Availability

Eric Decker on returning to his home state, Minnesota, and to the stadium of his alma mater, University of Minnesota: It’s exciting, of course being on campus where I spent a lot of years and see some familiar faces, it’s gonna be fun just to get back in that environment, see family and see friends coming to the game.”

Sheldon Richardson on the unrest in Ferguson: “Destroying Ferguson is not what I wanted to come from the verdict of the grand jury. I actually wanted my whole city to stand in fact…I just want my hometown to stay peaceful as possible, but I don’t blame them and I know where they’re coming from and I understand, but that’s not the solution.”

Nick Folk: “I felt pretty good [at Thursday’s practice], we kind of had a plan, we ‘re sticking to it, nothing crazy, don’t want to get overboard with it, want to take it day by day, keep working, keep trying to get better every day.”

Greg Salas: “I kinda just got out of the wrist thing and then this happened, so I was finally feeling 100 percent again and had this setback, so definitely frustrating but there’s nothing I can do about it. I just gotta stay positive and focus on getting better.”


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