Flight Crew Camp: Preparing for Season 10

Posted Jul 14, 2016

Denise Garvey Continues to Run a Tight Ship


Jets Flight Crew director Denise Garvey doesn’t mess around and neither do her cheerleaders. The Green & White’s first-ever cheer director and choreographer, who spent six years as a professional cheerleader with the Cowboys, Knicks and Nets, is getting the Crew in shape for a 10th regular season of action.

        • After numerous auditions and cuts, it’s down to 26 veterans and 13 rookies on the team.

      • But there are no set number of roster spots — cuts can be made at any point during training camp. 

“I don’t need to have a 53-person roster like the football team,” Garvey said. “I just have to put the best possible product on the field. So it’s either you rise up to the level that we’re striving for, or you can’t handle it and it’s try again next year.”

      • It’s not for the weak – that’s right, they strength train "on the reg", and can probably kick your butt.

      • It takes dedication…

“Much of their summer is devoted to the Jets.”

      • It’s intense. No, like seriously intense…

“In high school or college they were the captains of their teams, but now they’re in a room with women who were all captains of their teams,” Garvey said. “They have to be able to stay afloat and succeed in an environment where everybody is the best. They were big fish in a little pond, but that’s not going to keep them here.”


      • While Garvey needs elite perfomers, the ladies must have brain power as well …

“Material, material and more material," she said. "They learn numerous feature routines, sideline routines, pregame routines, and new techniques in a short amount of time.”

      •  Rehearsal is 3 hours a day, 3 times per week. 

      • Preseason isn’t practice, it’s “show time”. Okay ladies, now let's get in formation...


        • The FC is celebrating its 10-year anniversary all year – 100 alumni will dance alongside the current squad in the Week 12 halftime show…

    “Former Flight Crew cheerleaders who graced the sidelines and donned the uniform are being invited back to perform in the halftime show,” Garvey said of the Jets' Nov. 27 date with the Patriots.”