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REX: I Expect Everybody to Play Sunday

Posted Dec 5, 2013

Transcript of head coach Rex Ryan's news conference following our Thursday midday practice at the Atlantic Health Jets Training Center:

I guess we’ll start by talking about practice, I thought we had another good day on offense as far as practice is concerned. The last period wasn’t as good but it was a pretty impressive practice. Jeremy Kerley looks outstanding, so I expect him to play. [Santonio] Holmes was out there, looked good. Kellen Winslow looked good also. As far as injuries are concerned, everybody practiced. Guys that were limited: [Antonio] Cromartie with his hip, Santonio Holmes, foot/hamstring, Big Mo [Muhammad Wilkerson] with a wrist, and Kellen Winslow, knee. Jeremy Kerley was full today with his elbow. Like I said, everybody looks good and ready to go. I expect everybody to play.

On the offense being healthy…

I think it’s going to help us, I don’t think there is any doubt about that. I think with some of the guys, with a healthy Holmes, Kerley and Winslow, I think that’s a big help for us, obviously. I think Kerley has really been outstanding as a slot receiver this season for us. Obviously, getting Holmes back, healthier, I think will be a big help.

On there is any concern that Holmes might be healthy entering the game but not show any explosiveness like last week…

There is always that concern. There’s a fine line, how much you can push him. He’s been able to push through practice unlike last week. I think we feel better about it. Will he be limited? Will he play every snap? I doubt it. I don’t think he is going to play every snap. Obviously, he’s going to play a lot more than three plays. He’s ready to go. It doesn’t look like he’s hobbled at all when he’s out there. He is limited play number wise, but he looks good and explosive.

On how a healthy offense affects Geno Smith’s confidence…

I think it helps a great deal, I don’t think there’s any doubt, not to take away from the other guys that have been in there place. Some of these guys are three of your top receivers, I think when you have them out there, clearly your confidence is going up. I think that’s evident on the field too. When Jeremy is out there, that’s a tough match-up for anybody. He has great separation, quickness, obviously he can catch the football well. It’s great having him out there in particular.

On how do you balance what you are trying to do on defense…

I don’t know it just seemed like that. We were off that kid so much this past week, it seemed like he could catch anything else underneath us. It’s a fine line I think but we have to challenge this bunch, we have to challenge everybody. I think that’s how we have to play them, recognizing the fact that obviously with this group coming in with the Raiders, they have a lot of skill, a lot of speed.

On if they used more two deep safeties last week…

Definitely, that’s definitely a fact. Would I like to bring the heat a little bit more on them sometimes? We were playing more two high safeties.

On how much he disliked using two deep safeties…

A lot [laughter]. You like to challenge them and things like that. There’s times for both, obviously, to play a single high or two high safeties.

On the decrease in the amount of sacks…

It’s great to get sacks, no question, it’s great to get sacks. Sometimes it can be a little misleading. With us guys are trying to get the ball out as quick as we can. That’s where we have to challenge guys too. We have to get our hands on receivers, disrupt them and that will allow our guys up front. Our guys were beating guys left and right last week but the ball was coming out. As far as getting sacks, we weren’t getting them. We missed a couple. It’s not a concern of mine because I think our guys are doing well rushing the passer, with Mo, Sheldon [Richardson], Calvin [Pace], [Quinton] Coples especially. I think those guys are doing a great job rushing the passer.

On if he has noticed teams trying to get the ball out faster…

Yeah, I think that’s probably true. They seem to be doing a good job knowing where to go with the football, certain challenges, “Hey, we’re going to throw it to this guy or that guy.” But they’re not standing back there just tapping the ball. I remember we played Buffalo the other year, the ball came out an average of two seconds. I don’t care if you have or whoever out there, you’re not going to get to the passer. Sometimes that happens and it’s been happening to us a little bit.

On what Buffalo game he was referring to…

I’m talking about last year. The kid, for the season, averaged getting rid of it in 2.2 [seconds]. They led the league in least sacks given up. I don’t know if that’s a reflection of the offensive line or the quarterback just getting rid of the ball. I think it was more that than anything else. Sometimes that can be a little misleading.

On how Oakland’s frequency of blitzing affect what they expect from Smith…

Clearly, you’re going to have to beat some man coverage and then they’ll run fire zones different, two fire zone, three fire zones, three deep fire zones. They give you a whole gamut. You have to be accurate with the football and the ball has to come out of your hand quick.

On how he would assess the job Marty Mornhinweg has done…

I think Marty has done a great job, I don’t think there’s any doubt. I think Marty is doing a terrific job. Again, the numbers sometimes can be a little misleading. I think the job he has done and this staff really, I think some of the challenges we’ve faced, I think guys have done a great job.

On the Raider losing 12 in a row in road games in the Eastern Time Zone...

It means we'd better win [joking]. I understand. I mean shoot, that’s like us off the bye week, we get crushed or something. It’s just one of those things, I would think that it would be hard to explain.

On how he would evaluate Dawan Landry

Yeah, I think that’s really the kind of player [he is]. you’re not going to get the flash plays you get from other guys. He is steady as can be and does a great job. He’s a great communicator, he’s physical. He’s good in the run. He’ll hit you make no mistake, but he’s not like a blow up hitter like his brother where you hear him play sometimes. Some of these great center field types, he’s just a good football player. I think that’s him, I think his personality, if you sit and talk to him you would be like “Ok, that’s how he plays too.” He’s smart, he’s durable, he’s dependable and he’s just a good player. Is he over the top athletically or whatever? No, but he’s just a good player.

On how the loss of Josh Cribbs affects the way they use the Wildcat…

Well Josh was really good in the Wildcat. We’re fortunate because we have some guys that can do it, the availability of Kerley again in that role. Obviously, you can use your backs as well. But it is a factor, he did an outstanding job in that role for us.

On if he has thought about going back to Vladimir Ducasse because of Brian Winter’s struggles…

We have confidence in Vlad. I don’t think there’s any doubt. Vlad has been impressive, Vlad backs up guards, both guards, both tackles. He can do that, he’s the first guy in off the bench. That’s always a possibility, it’s there. If we think that’s the best thing for our team then we’ll certainly look into it. He hasn’t been perfect, Winters hasn’t been perfect, but he’s been pretty good in my opinion.

On the reaction of him grading the rookie draft class…

It seemed like everyone agreed with me from what it sounded like [laughter]. That’s what I get for throwing a grade out there. My thing is you have five starters in a draft class, I would assume that would be pretty good and probably more than anybody else. I wonder if anybody has more than three starters in a rookie class. It seems like everybody was on board with that one.

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