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NFL Ticket Exchange Making Its Next Pitch

Posted Sep 2, 2014

Two Jets Season Ticket Holders Get to Do Some Acting in National TV Commercial

NFL Ticket Exchange gives fans an opportunity to purchase seats and allows those who cannot attend games to sell their tickets. And recently, it gave two Jets season ticket holders a chance to do some acting.

Julie Bookstaver and Richard Rosell along with season ticket holders from five other clubs were shown in their actual seats for a national commercial promoting NFL Ticket Exchange. They shared details about their section, row and other fans who sit near them.

Those featured in the commercial are part of the Membership Club, the league’s benefits platform for season ticket members and suite owners for all teams.

The members chosen were the first real fans — not actors — chosen by the NFL and teams to participate in this type of commercial.

Rosell said he had no prior acting experience before shooting the commercial on a hot and sunny June day, but added that the film crew did an excellent job of keeping the two calm.

“It was incredibly organized and professional. They treated us like gold,” he said. “They fed us. It was really hot and they made sure we were as cool and as comfortable as we could be.”

Filming took about 45 minutes and Rosell appears on screen in a speaking role for about five seconds. Though he’s only on screen for a short time, he said the experience was unforgettable.

He’s used NFL Ticket Exchange to both buy and sell tickets in the past and said that if he cannot attend a game, NFL Ticket Exchange is the only source he will use to sell his tickets.

Before he became a Season Ticket Holder at MetLife Stadium after spending 20 years on the waiting list for the old Meadowlands stadium, he said he found NFL Ticket Exchange to be the best outlet for purchasing seats because they are guaranteed to be real.

“You know that you’re buying a real ticket from somebody,” said Rosell, who sits in Section 201, Row 18. “You’re not going to end up with a bogus ticket because there are counterfeit tickets floating out around there.”

Rosell said season ticket holders received an email from the Jets asking all participants interested in being in the commercial to write an essay about their most memorable moment related to their season tickets. For Rosell, his favorite moment was during Military Appreciation Day last season.

Rosell and his son, Erik, who had just graduated from Marine Corps boot camp 36 hours previously, attended the game against the Saints on Nov. 3 in uniform. Erik wore his blue military uniform, while Rosell, a former Marine and current member of the National Guard, wore his military camouflage to the game.

“The response from football fans was overwhelming,” he said. “People kept buying us food, shaking our hands, hugging us. It was a very nice day.”

The commercial featuring Rosell and Bookstaver will air nationally this week.


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