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Matt Simms Is in Competition Mode This Camp

Posted Jul 30, 2014

2nd-Year Jet's Fighting Tajh Boyd for No. 3 Job, Geno Smith for FIFA Video Game Supremacy

Between the emphasis placed on the Geno Smith vs. Mike Vick position battle and the media attention given to virtually every pass newbie Tajh Boyd throws, Matt Simms seems to be the quarterback nobody’s talking about this year at the Jets' SUNY Cortland training camp.

It’s of no surprise that Geno and Mike have been seeing the majority of the action in 11-on-11 drills at camp thus far. But Simms, on the snaps he did get today, took visible command of the huddle. Moreover, his throws were notably crisp, on target and launched in a tight spiral to his intended receivers.

“You know in my situation, same as last year, really, you have limited reps and really the key is just to kind of go out there and do your job,” he said. “So really just stay as grounded as possible, take it one play at a time, and see what happens.”

Simms looks forward to preseason play, an area he excelled at in 2013 where he completed 44 of 59 attempts for 476 yards and a passer rating of 103.6.

“I’m really looking forward to the first preseason game because that’s when we can get hit and it’s real football for the first time,” he said. “I played a lot last year and I got some good snaps. I showed everyone on the team that I could play football, including the coaches as well. I just look forward to more opportunities out there.”

In offensive drills today, Simms connected with TE Jeff Cumberland on a number of occasions, the same man he threw his first and only career regular-season TD to in 2013 at Buffalo.

“Obviously that’s a play that I’ll never forget, because of the adversity that you go through to get to that position,” Simms said. “But yeah, right now it’s just every minute, it’s every day, it’s staying in the moment and just staying grounded. It’s great advice, but hopefully I can live it.”

Simms served as backup to then-rookie Geno Smith last season and now has the opportunity to work with two other quarterbacks on opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to experience. Vick, entering his 14th season in the NFL, is someone Simms has looked up to for a long time.

“It’s pretty awesome really just hanging out with the guy because a lot of us grew up emulating him and trying to be him on the schoolyard field,” he said. “To actually be his teammate now is pretty surreal. It’s exciting.”

On the other end of that continuum lies Boyd. Despite several interceptions thrown by Boyd in camp, Simms has high hopes for the rookie.

“Tajh is doing really well. You know, it’s tough going from the college game to the pro game. It can be overwhelming at times,” Simms said. “But he’s got such a great personality and great attitude. It will eventually catch up. You've got to keep grinding at it and keep working.”

Simms has even nicknamed the Jets' sixth-round selection out of Clemson “The Mayor.”

“He’s the guy that will go up and talk to somebody and you’d think they knew him for 20 years and they just met 10 seconds ago,” he said. “I told him after this go into politics, man.”

Although Smith may be favored to start over Simms on the NFL playing field, there is a heated competition brewing between the two QBs off the field, and Matt’s got a message for Geno: “You’ve got a lot of catching up to do.”

In FIFA, that is. The two spent part of their day off playing the soccer video game.

“You know, he complains about his goalkeeper way too much,” he said, “but it’s not the goalkeeper’s fault.” Simms is up 15-7 in the overall series.


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