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MARTY: Excited to See All 4 QBs ‘Move & Groove’

Posted Aug 6, 2013

Transcript of offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg's news conference following the Jets' Tuesday morning training camp practice at SUNY Cortland:

We’re in the middle of training camp. The fellas are working hard both on and off the field. We’ve got more than a handful of guys pushing through some little nicks. We’ve got a handful of guys that are unavailable right now. So it’s a great opportunity for some of these young players that are getting quite a few reps. We’ll open it up to questions.

On if it is frustrating to be without Chris Ivory and Mike Goodson

Well, no. We don’t get frustrated because that’s part of the game. I am just a touch concerned about the amount of reps going into the season with them. However, like we just talked about, it certainly is a good thing for some of the young guys. We just acquired some fellas and they’re getting an awful lot of reps because of injuries. That’s pretty typical of a training camp. Bilal [Powell], just a little bit concerned on the number of reps he’s getting. We’ve discussed that over the last couple days. We certainly don’t want to overwork Bilal. I will tell you, he’s one of several that have had a terrific training camp. He’s shown up.

On his assessment of the quarterbacks…

Well, all four of our quarterbacks have done an outstanding job with their preparation as well as on the field. Now, I suppose you’re asking specifically about Mark [Sanchez] and Geno [Smith]. Mark’s had an outstanding camp. There’s been about a day and a half where he took a little dip. Early in the Green & White it was a little rough for him but I was proud of him because things didn’t go just the way that we wanted them to and then he hung in there and hung in there and then made a heck of a play right at the end there.

Geno’s been similar. He’s had a terrific start of the camp. He did some very good things in the Green & White as well. And then he’s dipped just a little bit so he’s got to recover. I think he threw his first interception, two of them. Was it yesterday? I’m getting the days mixed up a little bit. We’ll see how he rebounds. Today was a little bit better than yesterday.

On how the reps will be split between the quarterbacks in the first preseason game…

We have discussed it. We have a plan that is not stamped, and we will continue to discuss that right up until we travel and we know who’s available. So the plan is still just a little bit rough there. We’re going to do some extensive work on that tonight for exactly, we have a pretty good sketch-up, but exactly the play time for each individual player as well. So when you talk about ones, well some of the ones might play a little bit longer because we need some reps and those type of things. Mark will, this is his game, he’ll start and go with the ones. Then we would certainly like to get Geno in just a little bit with the ones, then he will take the twos and we will progress from there.

On if starting Sanchez is because of the rotation…

Well, there’s a couple of things there, yeah. That’s a good point. First thing is, he’s earned it. He’s had an outstanding training camp, so that’s the first thing. The second thing is, he’s been the starter here. The first game would typically be his, but he’s earned it as well, so those two things kind of go together.

On how the decision was made…

Well, I’m not going to get into details on that. However, we certainly discuss every position, virtually every day. Certainly, the quarterback position is, in some cases, more than once a day at exactly how they’re doing, so it’s been a whole training camp type of thought process there.

On Smith’s play lately…

I expected it earlier and really, he did a fantastic job. He’s got to power through it, it’s just that simple. There’s an awful lot of installations. I believe we’re through number 10 right now and if you add it all up, it’s quite extensive. So he’s done an outstanding job to date and he was a little bit better today than he was yesterday, so I think he’s back on the rise.

On what he has seen Sanchez improve on…

Well, his consistency, his accuracy, his footwork. I will tell you, David Lee has worked his rear end off with the quarterbacks, exactly how we want this thing done. Mark has done even more than we’ve asked that way, both on and off the field. So they’re working diligently on basic fundamentals and technique, how we want it done here with the New York Jets. He’s done very well pushing the ball down the field. His numbers are up just a little bit, as far as his accuracy and his completion percentage throughout the camp from past history, at least the recent past history from the numbers that I have.

On what he is looking for in a third quarterback…

I suppose you are talking about the third quarterback position. There are several different ways you can go, there are even more than several, there’s a host of different ways you can go there. Typically I’ve looked for a player there that you have an inkling that could develop into a fine, fine quarterback one of these days. So that’s what we’re looking for there. Both of those young men are competing and it’s probably not talked about quite as much as Mark and Geno. That’s quite a competition there. They’re both doing an excellent job. Greg looks like he’s a gamer, did a heck of a job in the Green & White game. I believe he was 5-for-5 with two touchdowns. Am I right there?

On if Santonio Holmes will be able to play in Week 1…

We’ll see on that. John [Mellody, head athletic trainer] and his staff, best in the league, man alive, with that training staff, are working diligently with Santonio. Santonio’s in the right frame of mind. He’s getting it all done and we’ll see, we’ll see. It’s too early to tell. He’s progressing through the program that they have planned for him. The key is to get him healthy to rock and roll. I’d like to have him for a period of time because of the precision that we will need in the passing game.

On if Smith’s running ability gives him an edge in the quarterback competition…

We’ve talked about that in previous, I believe. Here is what we have with the New York Jets: We have a man that has led this team to two AFC Championship Games. He’s taken a little bit of a dip. He’s got a host of experience that goes a long way. He’s shown that he can play at a high level and his challenge is to play at that high level on a real consistent basis.

And then on the other hand, you have a man that’s right out of college. He’s certainly ultra-talented. He’s done an excellent job to date with his preparation off the field and the production on the field. He’s done an excellent job that way, quite a little bit more dynamic that way.

Those are two players that you have and it is a battle. Certainly your point is well taken that an active quarterback, more than occasionally, can pick you up a first down or two a game on third down, which extend drives, which equal field position and in many cases points.

On anything to be gained seeing a rookie quarterback on the field the first game…

I do think Mark’s progressing at a high rate. He’s done a fine, fine job. So your question is, Geno and the first game…

On figuring out Smith’s capability…

Well, we think we know. But you never really know until you get into really late games. Preseason is different than late games and certainly playoff games are different than late games. Did I explain that right? But anyway, it’s going to be exciting for all four quarterbacks. I’m excited to see all four quarterbacks play and move and groove a little bit and run the offense.

On what he sees in the young receivers…

[Ryan] Spadola has had a pretty good camp and he’s pushing through a couple nicks as well. He’s shown up out of Lehigh. He’s done a good job. He’s got a real chance. Now for most of those guys one of the keys will be special teams. There’s going to be a couple of fellas who make this football team with their special teams and then you become a good special teams player, not all but most of those players become really good position players for you at some point, and so that special teams is a key for those young guys at all positions but certainly that receiver spot.

On if he will discuss roster cuts with special teams coordinator Ben Kotwica…

Oh, yeah. I don’t want to get into too many details but this is a whole organization type of deal. Certainly Rex [Ryan] and John [Idzik] lead that thing and make those final choices. But yeah, we have to have input from every angle on each player to put us in the best position. We want the best football players that can help this football team.
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