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Geno Smith Seeks to Clean Up ‘Poor Decisions’

Posted Nov 18, 2013

With a full day gone by and having had the opportunity to watch the game tape of a 37-14 defeat in which Geno Smith initially described his own performance as “awful,” he’s sticking to his gut reaction.

“Pretty much the same,” the rookie quarterback said today of his thoughts on Sunday’s game. “Didn’t play well. Had positives, had negatives, more negatives than positives, but just didn’t play well.”

His line (8-for-23, 103 yards, no touchdowns, three interceptions, one fumble lost) was unimpressive, but as head coach Rex Ryan said Sunday and reiterated today, our woes at Buffalo cannot be placed solely on the quarterback’s shoulders.

“I recognize he’s a young quarterback and we’ve made mistakes. I think this particular game it wasn’t about just one guy,” Ryan said, adding that he will stick with Geno as his starting QB for our next game.

“Now granted his mistakes were pretty glaring,” Rex continued. “There were equally glaring mistakes, guys losing 1-on-1 battles up front, that we’re not accustomed to seeing. I think Geno has a chance to be a good quarterback, but everything starts with protection first with any quarterback. There’s times when quite honestly we’ve got to get open. We weren’t getting separation. A lot of things contribute to a poor performance like that.”

Could one of those contributing factors be due to the fact that we were playing away from MetLife Stadium? Not according to Geno.

“I just think I haven’t played well on the road,” Smith said. “I don’t really see that big of a difference, I feel comfortable whether at home or on the road. I just haven’t played well on the road.”

In four of his five road games, he’s combined for just one TD through the air to go along with 10 INTs. Yet in perhaps the most pressure-filled road game of them all, playing on Monday Night Football at Atlanta coming off of a 25-point loss to the Titans, Smith came up with arguably the best performance of his young career. He threw three touchdowns and no interceptions, and most important, we escaped with the win.

Since that Week 5 game, however, Geno’s thrown just one touchdown in five weeks, home or away, to go along with eight interceptions.

“I don’t think statistics tell every single thing,” Smith said. “Obviously I don’t want my stats to look like that, don’t want to play like that, but I’ve gotten better. I’ve become a smarter player, I’ve just made poor decisions in some situations in the game.”

With six games remaining and in contention for a playoff spot, it will be up to Geno to take care of the ball, our blockers to give him time to process what he’s seeing, and our receivers to get open as we go forward.

Asked what positives can be taken away from Sunday’s game, Geno replied, “Nothing,” before coming up with something positive: “We’ve got another game ahead of us that we can look forward to.”

That game will also be on the road, this time in the home of the defending Super Bowl champion Baltimore Ravens.

A daunting challenge, indeed, but before you jump off the Green & White bandwagon and pencil our next matchup in as a loss, remember this: Only eight teams this season have avoided losing consecutive games. Seven of those teams are currently leading or tied for the lead in their respective divisions. The other? Your New York Jets.

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