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GENO: Hopefully We Can Return the Favor

Posted Dec 26, 2013

Transcript of the Jets quarterback's news conference Thursday afternoon.

On how important it is to put one more strong game on tape…

It’s good for our team. It’s important for us to go out there and execute heading into next season, giving us something positive to look forward to. It’s just good for us to get out there against a team that beat us on our home turf. So hopefully we can return the favor and just go out there one last time this season for these guys and end it off on a good note.

On how much he has grown this season…

Tremendously, I’ve grown. Just learning the game, that’s an ongoing process and I’m just continuing to grow every single day in practice and with the film study and repetition I get in the games, things are starting to slow down for me and I’m able to go out there and play aggressively and use my natural ability.

On his biggest adjustment to the NFL…

Just playing in an entirely new offense, a new system, all new footwork, everything was new, let alone being a rookie in the NFL. All those things were brand new to me, so just a bunch of things that I had to learn from. And I’m still learning. This process is never going to end and I’m still going to continue to learn and get better every single day.

On the visuals he has thinking back to the last Miami game…

We didn’t play well as a team. Personally, I didn’t play well at all. That was obviously the game I was benched in the first half and it was something I had to learn from. Overall, I just think we didn’t play well as a team and now we have a second chance, kind of a measuring stick for us dating back to that game, so it will be fun and interesting to see how we play on Sunday.

On if he feels he benefitted from sitting out the second half of the first of Miami game…

I don’t know. Honestly, I just think it was a decision that had to be made and I think overall it just gave me a better perspective of just the way I needed to play. It kind of allowed me to sit back and view things from the sideline. I’ve been playing well since, but overall it’s one of those things where I wish I could’ve continued to play, but it was a decision that was made and I had to live with it.

On why he does not like talking about his future with the team…

Because it’s not a topic around here. I think it’s only brought up by you guys. That’s why I don’t like talking about it.

On if he will look back on his rookie year and see how much he has gone through from draft day through Sunday’s game…

That’s the plan. Obviously the plan is to continue to grow every single day and from the day I was drafted here until now I’ve grown. That’s something I will continue to work at and I know my coaches and teammates will honor me to that because that’s the way we work around here and hopefully down the line I’ll be able to say I learned a lot from this season. But being in the moment right now, I don’t think that far and quite honestly I wish I could’ve had some things back, but you can’t take them back, you just have to continue to go forward.

On if there are things that he learned about himself this season…

I learned that as long as I stay patient within the offense and within the reads that I can pretty much make the throws and do the things that need to be done on the field, but the game is more mental now than ever. The thing I learned about myself is I have to play the game mentally strong every single rep and just continue to make good decisions.

On if dealing with the mental aspect of the NFL has been harder than he expected…

Not harder than I expected, I fully expected it to be hard. You have guys in this league who have been playing their entire lives and are 10-plus-year veterans in this league, who have tons more experience than I do, so a lot of those things are just a direct result of me being a young guy. So I have to kind of put some things in perspective and quite honestly I don’t worry about those things. My mindset is focused on this week, today’s practice, correcting things from today, moving on tomorrow and going out and playing well on Sunday.

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