Tale of 2 Numbers, Roster of Minicamp Players

Posted May 10, 2013

When the movie script is written of Geno Smith's time with the Jets, fairly early in Act I Ryan Quigley's name will appear.

"I have yet to talk to Geno about it, but we've been joking around with the equipment guys," said Quigley, the free-agent punter signed a week and a half before the NFL Draft's first round two weeks ago. "I came into the locker room right after the draft and I saw my number had changed."

Just then, Quigley turned around and realized Smith was sitting alone, for the moment, at his temporary locker about four stalls down from his in the middle of the Atlantic Health Jets Training Center locker room.

"Hey, Geno, you took my number," the punter said, laughing of course. "I was Number 7 for the last three weeks."

"I did?" said the second-round QB, sounding genuinely contrite. "I'm sorry."

Smith revealed — after word had dribbled out the past few days — his new number, worn for the first time in a red QB's jersey for this morning's first practice of minicamp, but said the selection was guided by the equipment room staff.

"Twelve is retired," Smith said, showing he's mastered an important part of Jets history regarding Joe Namath and why Smith couldn't wear it as a pro, even though that was his number at West Virginia. "I had a choice, and I chose 7. No reason."

But seven has a good amount of good fortune attached to it, not to mention special karma for what the Yankees' Mickey Mantle, the Broncos' John Elway and the NBA's Pete Maravich among many others have done for that particular crooked digit.

And so, to, does Quigley's new number. We asked the question a few days ago when WR Thomas Mayo, who had been assigned No. 1 this offseason, was waived a few days ago. (Mayo has returned to this minicamp but as a tryout player only and wearing No. 81.). The new No. 1 is Quigley.

"My personality doesn't reflect the number one," Quigley said. "But it doesn't bother me. What matters is I'm here. And I was No. 1 last year in Chicago, so actually it's been kind of a lucky number for me."

The footman from Boston College won't get too much recognition in the locker room for his lucky letter, Q, considering how DE/OLB Quinton Coples cornered that market last year. But the luck of the "one," plus some skill in the punting arts will keep Quigley around along with Smith and the rest of the rookie class as they join the competition with the new and established veterans as this Jets offseason continues.

One other number change of the past few weeks became apparent today when first-year RB John Griffin modeled his new No. 24 — in offense white, naturally, not island green — and looked crisp running the ball.

In all, 61 players are on the minicamp roster and participating in this camp. The total includes seven draft picks, 14 signed undrafted rookie free agents, 13 signed first-year players, and  27 rookie and first-year tryout players. Here is the minicamp roster:

No Player College Pos Status
1 Ryan Quigley Boston College P FA-13
3 Antavious Wilson Marshall WR FA-13
4 Joseph Collins Weber State WR FA-12
5 Matt Simms Tennessee QB FA-12
7 Geno Smith West Virginia QB D2-13
8 Derek Dimke Illinois K FA-13
15 Zach Rogers Tennessee WR FA-13
17 Emmanuel Arceneaux Alcorn State WR Tryout
18 Royce Pollard Hawai‘i WR FA-12
19 Brett Maher Nebraska K Tryout
22 Chad Spann Northern Illinois RB Tryout
23 T'Sharvan Bell Auburn CB Tryout
24 John Griffin Massachusetts RB FA-12
25 Brian Smith Virginia Union CB Tryout
27 Dee Milliner Alabama CB D1A-13
29 Jeremy Jones Wayne State S Tryout
30 Darius Willis Indiana RB Tryout
31 Alex Dunnachie Hawai‘i P Tryout
33 Brendan Melanophy Fordham S Tryout
34 Mason Robinson Rutgers CB Tryout
36 Johnny Thomas Oklahoma State S Tryout
40 Tommy Bohanon Wake Forest FB D7-13
41 Eric Crocker Ark.-Monticello CB FA-12
43 Mike Edwards Hawai‘i CB FA-13
44G Ben D'Aguilar McMaster LB Tryout
44W Travis Tripucka Massachusetts LS FA-12
45G Rontez Miles California (PA) S FA-13
45W Andre Hardy Cal St.-Fullerton TE Tryout
46 Sean Progar-Jackson Northern Illinois LB Tryout
47 Albert Rosette Nevada LB Tryout
48G Travis Johnson San Jose State LB Tryout
48W Mike Shanahan Pittsburgh TE FA-13
49G JoJo Dickson Idaho LB FA-12
49W Chris Pantale Boston College TE FA-13
51 Jaquies Smith Missouri LB FA-12
57 Richie Kazazian Wingate LB Tryout
58 Troy  Davis Central Florida LB FA-13
59G Matt Hansen Rhode Island LB Tryout
59W Howard Barbieri Rutgers G Tryout
61G Roosevelt Holliday Eastern Illinois DT FA-13
61W Jeff Olson TCU G Tryout
63 Dalton Freeman Clemson C FA-13
65 Will Campbell Michigan G D6-13
66 Justin Blash Albany State DT Tryout
67 Brian Winters Kent State OL D3-13
68 Chris Riley Illinois State G Tryout
69 Trey Gilleo Northern Arizona T FA-13
70 Jake McDonough Iowa State DE FA-13
71 Chris Jacobson Pittsburgh C Tryout
72 Lanier Coleman La.-Lafayette DT Tryout
75 Oday Aboushi Virginia OL D5-13
78 Gokhan Ozkan Buffalo T Tryout
79 Mark Popek South Florida T FA-13
81 Thomas Mayo California (PA) WR Tryout
83 K.J. Stroud Bethune-Cookman WR FA-13
85 Ryan Spadola Lehigh WR FA-13
86 Titus Ryan Concordia WR FA-12
91 Sheldon Richardson Missouri DT D1B-13
92G Tevita Finau Utah DE FA-12
92W P.J. Mangieri Nebraska LS Tryout
99 Junior Aumavae Minnesota State DT FA-12