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HOLMES: Good to Be on the Field Again

Posted Aug 23, 2012

Transcript of wide receiver Santonio Holmes' news conference following the Jets' Thursday afternoon practice at the Atlantic Health Training Center:

On if he will be able to play Sunday…

I feel pretty confident that I can come back and play this week. The things that [head athletic trainer] John Mellody and the rest of the training staff have been doing for me has been really good. I have been working a lot of extra overtime with these guys treatment-wise and they are doing a really good job trying to get me back on the field.

On if he has a back injury in addition to a rib injury…

There is a lot going on on the left side, with the hamstring, the ribs, the back, but all that stuff is finally clearing up right now and as you can see, practice has been pretty good to me. I got a chance to get a couple of reps with the ones. It feels pretty good to be out on the field again.

On if it is important to play in Sunday’s game…

I honestly think it would be to get the speed back up and get the feel of the game, try to get my wind back and play behind these guys and hopefully as much as I can do for the team come Sunday, Coach [Ryan] will allow that to happen and we will move forward from there.

On Mark Sanchez being eager for his return…

I think Mark just misses smiling at me on the field [joking]. Come practice days, he does it all the time. I think that is what really gets us going, once we start our meetings and practices for the day. I'm excited, just as well as the guys are, to see me back on the field, but we've got to take it one step at a time, make sure we don't have any setbacks come September.

On the offense…

There's a learning curve for us right now, having a new offense thrown at us and the things that Coach Sparano is expecting from us. We have to get better as a group. We have to play better all around, especially with our receivers. We have to be a lot more physical than what we've been showing. It doesn’t show up as much in the games, but as far as film work has been going, it hasn't been good for our group in particular. So to help myself and this group get back on the field is what we're going to be looking forward to. I think it will help get us going.

On if he will wear a protective vest if he plays on Sunday…

I have no clue. I have no clue what the trainers have for me right now. We've been working on a few things but I'm not sure. I feel pretty good. I didn’t wear anything today at practice and I ran a few routes with the individuals and even went against the defense today and I felt pretty good, so we'll see.

On how he feels right now…

I'm good. I would say I'm ready to roll but I know the trainers wouldn’t like to hear that from me right about now. Like I said, I've got to take it one day at a time. I can’t push it too early right now and just wait and see.

On the Jets struggling on offense in the first two games…

It’s the preseason. Last I checked, it counts in September and I think our guys will get the ball rolling come September. There are things that we've been doing correctly, running the football pretty well. I think we just need to get going from that standpoint and the rest will just fall in line for us once we get the ball rolling.

On Stephen Hill

Stephen Hill has shown a lot of progress, being a rookie, jumping into a starting role, into a brand new offense, coming from running a triple option in college and into being in a role where routes have to be consistent, crisp, down to a “T,” and the attention to detail has to be there. His role has grown a lot in what he has learned from Coach Sanjay [Lal] and myself in the receiving room.

On running secret plays and attention to detail…

I wouldn’t say it’s a secret, but what we do here is work on the details and the things we need to correct. I think everything you’ve pretty much seen is how we’re going to come out this season, but the attention to detail is going to have to be a lot better than what it's been. The things that we’re going to do this season, why give everyone a clue right now? Leave them all guessing, show it on Sunday when it really counts, and we’ll just punch them in the mouth from there.

On if attention to detail has been emphasized…

No question, from the time Coach Sparano put the plays on the board, he has details put beside every route, besides every offensive lineman, every tight end, every quarterback, every step to everybody doing the right thing is what we pay attention to once we’re in meetings. I think that’s going to be a key for us coming into this season, paying attention to the details.

On if he has built chemistry with Tim Tebow

Being Florida guys, I think that builds enough chemistry amongst ourselves and also with Coach Urban Meyer coaching the Buckeyes, we do a little talking amongst ourselves. I’m always prepping him on the sideline. I’m always messing with him throughout the day while we’re at practice and I think he feeds off that. We have a good relationship.

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