NFL Youth Football Fund

The NFL Youth Football Fund (YFF) seeks to use football as a catalyst to promote positive youth development, support youth and high school football nationwide, and ensure the health of football in future generations. The scope of this encompasses development strategies including formal grant programs, public policy advocacies, curriculum development, and working with USA Football (non-profit organization endowed by the YFF to serve as a governing body for youth and high school football) regarding the standardization of policies and procedures.

The NFL Youth Football Fund's Board of Directors includes accomplished professionals and former NFL players who make significant contributions to their chosen fields and communities. Each Board member supports the athletic, educational, and life-skills development opportunities that youth football provides for young athletes.

Each fiscal year, the NFL Youth Football Fund's annual report illustrates our progress in promoting positive youth development, supporting youth and high school football needs nationwide, and ensuring the health of grassroots football in future generations.

The NFL Youth Football Fund aspires to make its programs the best they can be – we welcome your questions and comments.

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