H.S.P.D. - High School Player Development

High School Player Development is part of the National Football League’s Football Operations Department headed by Executive Vice President Troy Vincent. The NFL realizes that teaching young people has to be more than just football.

The youth tackle division aims to develop productive members of society as well as good football players.  We use the newest techniques and instruction from a wide range of colleges and look to constantly improve the fundamentals of the game.

The program was started in 2001 to aid in the development of inner-city and underserved areas to develop their football programs and players. It started in New York City with four sites and has grown eachyear to its current size of over 100 sites nationwide.

The NFL does not believe that every student athlete that goes through the HSPD program will play in the NFL, but we know that we are making better firemen, better doctors, better parents and better overall citizens.

To find a H.S.P.D. site please click here.