Jets Sports Wrap!

The New York Jets have partnered with Rock and Wrap it Up!, a national think tank working to reduce poverty. Using greening tactics, Rock and Wrap it Up recovers food and other assets to be given to agencies fighting poverty, increasing their operating budgets. This allows the agencies to hire more services such as tutors, social workers, job placement counselors and mental health counselors to attack the root cause of poverty.

Rock and Wrap It Up! recovers food and other assets in Sports, Music, Schools, Film, T.V. and Hotels. In 2008, The Federal Food Donation Act was written and passed with Rock and Wrap it Up!'s help. The Law encourages all federal buildings to donate food in their cities to feed the poor and keep it out of land fill. All donors are protected from liability by the Bill Emerson Good Samaritan Act of 1996.

Rock and Wrap it Up! accomplishes its goals of feeding the hungry through food recovery using local volunteers and delivering to neighborhood pantries and kitchens. The concept is simple: Once a band goes on stage, whatever food is left over that has been prepared but not served is picked up by Rock and Wrap it Up! volunteers and delivered to a local food shelter. Along the same premise, Rock and Wrap it Up! works with the Jets to pick up food from our home games that has been prepared and not served and deliver it to food shelters Mount Vernon Missionary Baptist and St. Rocco's Outreach - Project Solution in Newark, NJ.